appointment with nurse, can she refer me for early scan?

Hi ladies

i haven't inroduced myself on here yet as im only 4wks5days and have had constant stomach aches for few days now. I have a 9 month old son and am 100% positive i didnt have this with him, i just had the occassional twinge. i had a m/c before i was pregnant with him but cant remember if i had this or not now as it was a while ago. Anyway i booked an appointment to see the nurse as i dont like the doctor that is working today (new surgery, only has 2 doctors!) and the nurse is absoloutly lovely. Im hoping she will allow me to have early scan but then i just wondered if she can actually refer me or does it have to be a doctor? i know its so early but i really am worried and even if i have to wait a few days or even a week i wont mind so much rather than having to wait until im 12 weeks!

so does anyone know if the nurse will be able to send me for early scan? or will i have to see the doctor?

charlie x


  • im not sure it differes with which area you lived in i kept getting this pain at 4/5 weeks it must have started not long after ov as i had it for a while and the nurse reffered me for a early scan hospital wouldnt do it as it was too eearly so i had bloods instaed and a scan the following week. (turned out i had a uti as bubs was fine) sorry just realised im rambling lol good luck hunn
    claire x
  • She can refer you to the early pregnancy unit for a scan but they may not see anything yet. I had a mc and i didnt have any pain until after i started bleeding heavily. I went for a scan at 6 weeks and they had to do an internal one.
  • hi thanks everyone

    my appointment is at 1 so will just see what she says. when i m/c i was 6 wks and had been referred through a&e. i had internal scan aswell, i would like to leave it as much as possible but dont think i can wait until 12 weeks!
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