Starting to panic!

Sorry ladies but i need some advice and i don't want to speak to my DH yet and worry him without any need to!

I am 7 1/2 weeks pregnant and i still have no symptoms of pregnancy - no nausea, sickness, cravings, being put off any foods and it is really scaring me! :cry:

I have had a couple of twinges lower down in my tummy a week ago and i have put a little weight on but i think that is because i am eating well. My boobs are still a little tingly but not very noticable and i am a little tired, but i always seemed to be tired before....

My biggest fear is that i will have a MMC and will know nothing about it until i go for my 12 week scan! :\(



  • Hi there
    your concerns are only natural, I think most of us had the horrible feeling that there would be nothing on the monitor when we went for that first scan.
    I too had no symptoms other than sore boobs and never really have all the way through except heartburn, some people just don't get any. Think yourself as one of the lucky ones, I do. And try to relax and enjoy it, if you have any severe cramps or spotting then you should speak to someone, but other than that try to relax, it's seems a long time to wait for the scan and all sorts will go through your head til you see that little bub with the heart beating.

    Take care and good luck
    Em x
  • Hi hon, try not to worry, I had no symtoms either untill about week 10/11. If you do get morning sickness you will be wishing you could get rid of it so make the most of it! If you are really concerned then you could always give your midwife a call, but I am sure all will be fine! Tammi xxx
  • Poor you - speak with your DH, he's probably realised you're stressing but doesn't understand why.

    I had no real symptoms until about 6+4 weeks, by which time I'd caved and booked a private scan at 7+2, which was fab and I don't regret spending the money.

    It's really normal to have no symptoms, although people telling you you're lucky to not be sick doesn't help much eh!? Twinges are a symptom though, and you'll probably find they get stronger - it's your uterus gearing up and changing. Tingly boobs are also a symptom, and so's being tired, so try not to ignore the symptoms you're having.

    I'm afraid it just won't sink in until you have a scan and see the heartbeat. Pay for a private one or try to chill until 12 weeks... try to think lots of positive thoughts to your bean in the meantime!

    Congratulations, by the way!! xx
  • Hi hun I think we all have this at the beginning of the pregnancy, when symptoms can be either light or not there at all. I was absolutley convinced that at my 10 week scan they were going to tell me there was no heartbeat, but low and behold there it was, beating away! Period type pains are a symptom, I've had them from the beginning of the pregnancy and I still have them now at 22 weeks. Try not to worry hun, or if you really cant relax pay for a private scan although they are pricey. Congratulations on your pregnancy.
  • Hi hun

    I had no symptoms either and didn't believe i was pregnant til i saw the scan all the time beleiving that there wouldn't be anything there

    I know its hard to wait so speak to your oh as you don't wanna stress for no reason

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    Jen 39+6 xx
  • Ahhh, thank you all for your lovely reassuring replies. It really means a lot to have the voices of experience tell me that this can be just as normal as a pregnancy with dreadfull sickness and everything else.

    I guess you are right, just count myself lucky and dig out that PMA for another few weeks. I have my first MW app. next week in which she will take bloods so that will be my first "proper" reassurance i guess. If that all goes well, i am sure i will be able to hang on another 4 weeks. If not, i had better get chatting to DH about paying for a private scan!!!! hehe

    Thanks again xxx
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