Name panic!!!!

Well i have 6 days til im induced and we still cant decided on a name....i know, very naughty, just cant seem to agree at all! We know its a boy and have 2 boys already named Ryley and Caden....just cant seem to think of anything we both love - suggestions would be welcome...!

kim 36+4 xxx


  • lol my niece went nearly two weeks with no name!! we just called her baby girl!! think we are calling our bubs aiden jake but could all change when he's here! also like lucas, sorry not much help!xx
  • cayden is on our list of boys names image i struggle really hard with boys names so am no help at all really lol
  • Caden is lovely hun!!!! im sure when he arrives and as soon as you set eyes on him for the first time you will just know!!

    Not much help am i !!!

  • I really like Ryley hun, why don;t you wait and see when he is born and see what he looks like a Ryley or a Cadenimage

    K xx
  • I really like Ryley hun, why don;t you wait and see when he is born and see what he looks like a Ryley or a Cadenimage

    K xx
  • I see you already have a son called Ryley. Riley Oscar is my top name. I also like Cody which is next on my list, Lennon, Miles, Theo, Luc, Travis, Micah are also nice. My husband likes Jackson, but not to sure about that one! I quite like Milo, but my daughter says that reminds her of the Tweenies. lol. Nicki

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  • i like ryley better but i agree with klou wait till hes born then choose x

  • hi huni ,i love bailey which i wud have but it doesnt go wiv my surname!! i already have joshua,jordan ,coby and kai. i also like harrison,tyler, ollie,riley,mason and zac. but my oh doesnt like any of them!!argh!
    hope these help.
    luv clare

  • i like the names Harrison, Benedict, Sebastian..... Spencer is another one i like - OH likes Hunter.... ( :\? )

    wait until the lil man is here and see what comes to you then image
  • i like the suggestion of Bailey, it goes well with Riley & Caden.
    we struggled thinking of boys names, so it was lucky i had a girl!
  • ahh LOVE the names Ryley and Caden.
    How about Jenson? i love the name but my oh doesnt so we have chose Leo. sorry im not much help lol

    Hannah 36+3 xx
  • we only has 1 boys name. ben. but we had a girl so it was ok.
  • we only has 1 boys name. ben. but we had a girl so it was ok.
  • good luck deciding kim, I have no suggestions at all i'm afraid but the ladies here seem to have given a few good ideas. Good luck in finding one you both like. Have you asked Riley and Caden for any suggestions?!?!?!

  • Riley, caden and Jayden! Jay for short! xo
  • Boys names are so much harder than girls names for some reason! Do you have any in mind at all?
  • So exciting that you've got less than a week to go!

    Names we/I (!) like are:
    Sebastien (all me!)
    Oliver (all me!)

    Goog luck deciding! I like the idea of asking your boys what they think! (although they may suggest Ninja Turtle or something!)

  • :lol: My two boys i already have are called Ryley and Caden, but thanks for all of you that like them!!!!

    We have asked the boys and funny enough there both obsessed on calling him bailey - i like it, just not 100% oh just seems to hate everything i suggest, im going to throw some of the names you have suggested at him and see the reaction - there all lovely image keep them coming!!!!!! I guess it doesnt help as im trying to find one that fits with there names too.....boys names are so hard!!!! image

    kim 36+5 xxxxx
  • Oliver!!!!! image Best boys name ever I think :lol:

    give him that list and get him to cross out all the ones he doesnt like, then you do the same and see what youre left with...?
    What about Felix? i like that one...

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