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Hello ladies

I had my 36 week appointment with mw on Tuesday. Last time, baby was transverse, however, she tells me now baby is head down but not engaged. Problem is I don't know if I believe her! I can still feel 2 solid round lumps, one on my right and one on my left side, which previously I had thought were the head and the bum, and a solid block right between them. Could she be so wrong?
I have a 38 week appointment on the 19 with the doctor and am not sure if I should wait or go for a second opinion. Let's face it, what do I know about how a baby should feel inside you?
Any advice appreciated!
Mel x


  • If u really feel like shes got it wrong i wud obtain a second opinion especially if ur worried. Although shes a midwife it doesnt mean that she cnt make mistakes. On the otherhand does it matter if baby is lying transverse anyway at the min especially if u have another appt with a dr on the 19th. These babies dnt half give us some jip dnt they, but u have instincts as well, so trust them. Kerry xxx

  • I guess it's fear of the unknown and all the what ifs going through my mind. But I think you're right, 38 weeks is still time to spot an incorrectly lying baby.
  • I dnt think they wud be able to do much anyway even if they said it was lying transverse. These babies will pick their positions and can sumtimes be very stubborn, lol. If its gona cause u some anxiety tho hun id get a second opinion, then at least u know and u wnt be worrying. Either that or try lots of exercise and bouncing on a birthing ball to try and shake the baby down, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx

  • They would schedule me for a section. But they still can at 38 weeks I suppose.
    And the birthing ball is in full use already!!
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