Discharge (Sorry tmi)

Is anyone else getting quite abit of discharge not sure if its me just being paranoid, iv read on the web that an increase is normal but im still worrying!! Im Currently 26 weeks??? Help


  • Yes babe every day it is perfectly normal x
  • yer itis im gettin alot of it image
  • go to the doc to be on the safe side you might have a little infection.x
  • yeah me too, am 8 weeks 2 days and have been getting it for just under a week now.
  • Hiya, im currently 26 weeks same as you and i now have to wear pantyliners everyday it is that heavy! Asked my midwife about it when it started getting heavy at 18 weeks and she said some people are lucky and don't have much change and some people have it bad, but as long as its not unusual looking or smelly its perfectly normal image x

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  • Thanks ladies feel so much more at ease now!!! Got my 4d scan in to weeks too woohoo!!!
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