ooohhh, that felt good!

morning girlies

got up really early this morning and just had a trip to mamas and papas for a good old spending spree, they have 10% off today (get voucher from web site)

bought all of nursery bedding, bath support etc. we went for millie and boris design, its lovely!

I LOVE SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!! image got to go to work now tho! BBBoooooooooo :roll:

all have a good day


[Modified by: kell2 on 03 May 2008 10:38:26 ]


  • i love going to mamas and papas i did the shopping there on wed running out of things to buy tho lol Sophie 40+4 xx

  • I really can't wait to start buying everything! It's starting to bug me now that I haven't got anything apart from a few clothes for baby as we have been really skint recently and before that it was too early to buy. Oh gets a bonus this month though and is giving me most of it to get everything at once woohoo can't wait!!!
  • I'm with you Kell2, it feels great to be shopping!! Went to M&P early today and bought a pram, car seat and some nursery things. We went for the Zeddy & Parsnip range. The staff were great and the only disappointment was that the Pliko Pramette didn't fit into the boot of my car, so we ended up with a Luna instead.

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