Not feeling close yet

Is it strange not to feel any connection or closeness to my baby yet? I think maybe because I havent felt movement yet and still dont know if its a boy or girl that I dont have a bond with my unborn child?
I absolutely loved being pregnant with dd and always tried to imagine her and kept an eye on her development in my book but now I just dont.
Sorry if this post doesnt make sense but its hard to describe how Im feeling. I hope someone can make some sense of this. xxx



  • I guess because its your second maybe you know what to expect so dont keep an eye on the development as much? Im sure when you feel that first movement and definitely if youre planning on finding out the sex you will soon start to bond. I wouldnt worry about it I have days when I sometimes forget its even there and others where im totally obsessively thinking about my baby - do you have a doppler to listen to the heartbeat? If not maybe invest in one as it really does make it even more special


  • i dont yet either image
    maybe i will after my first scan in 10days.
    i'll be 15+3 then so its about time.
    but your not the only one because i wish i felt more connected too. it'll happen for us im sure image


  • a doppler is probably what I need actually or I could phone midwife for an appt and maybe she'll listen to heartbeat. thanks girls you've made me feel a bit better. I cant wait to find out what were having.
    Im also getting confused with my bump, I know theres one there but It seems too big too soon so I wonder if its just fat? with daughter i didnt have a bump until 4.5 to 5 months. i saw one of my friends today who hasnt seen me since ive been pregnant and she said 'oh your showing already' and i said yeah but im onl;y 15wks and it must be fat. its quite high too xx
  • thats normal its cos ite your second i had it its kind of disbelief it will all change wen u have your baby in your arms hun dont worry xxx
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