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bicornuate uterus and no yolk sac 😭

Hi I had a call from the epc unit and they said that my hormone level is high and at 8,000 and at this level they should see something they said I have a bicornuate uterus and can only see the Gestational sac I am 5weeks 5 days has anyone else has this do I need to panic can people just be homnist with me please Dose this mean I’m less far gone 


  • I’ve got a bicornuate uterus and feel in limbo at moment.
    i had a private scan on Saturday and they said they can see the sac and looks like yolk sac and fetal pole but I’m too early - I was 5wks 6 days from last period. Hospital scan yesterday 6wks 1 day and they said can see the sac but unsure if anything in it. Made me feel worse. I’ve got to go back in a week as they think I’m quite early- my pregnancy test showed 1-2 weeks so hoping early and that’s what you may be... just too early. I’ve had a daughter with my bicornuate uterus and had the easiest pregnancy, over my due date aswell, not extra care for me and all good. Please stay pad positive as you can.. I know easier said that done as I’m in the same position. I did have a miscarriage last year but that may not have been due to shape of womb. Stay strong and keep us updated. Lots of love
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