Just been naughty................

I have just had a glass of ice cold coke and some peanut m&m's.............
they were yummy though.
anyone else crave what they cant have ?
emma 29+1 xxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Oh me!!
    I am totally craving a yummy prawn cocktail,hmmmmmmm
    xx xx
  • I would really like a nice, cold glass of white wine and some scallops with bacon......Mmmmmmm.

    Last time I was pregnant I craved crunchy nut cornflakes all the way through and didn't have any because I was worried about nuts. It wasn't until recently that I found out they are hazelnuts which are fine!

  • a glass of ice cold fizzy cava for me mmmnnnnn xxx
  • really really want a big brie and grape sandwich and a huuuge glass of chilled white wine!!

    Don't worry too ,much, I've eaten peanut butter all the way through. Neither me nor my DH nor any of our parents have any allergies so it's fine, my dr told me not to worry at all.
    Ames x
  • Mmmmm a brie and bacon sandwich would be yummy!!!!!!

    I've eaten peanuts in my first pregnancy and this pregnancy, as Ames said if you and hubby don't have any allergies then it is ok and actually worse for you to avoid them apparantly. x
  • I have coke quite alot and i hardly ever drink it and I LOVE peanut M&M's!! yummy!!! I crave all sweet things lol!

    My Dr also said that only avoid nuts when there is an allergy in the family. In most foreign countries they advise you to eat nuts to avoid allergies!!! That to me makes more sence!
  • iv been eating peanut m&m's too, im not really worried about nuts either, my doc told me not to worry about it if i or my OH dont have an allergy to them too.

  • all sounds good but a good old fashioned runny egg with chips what i wouldnt do for that right now!!!
  • Salami, parma ham, prawn cocktail for me. I'm eating out tonight and these are things I would normally have for starter so will have to break tradition tonight image
  • Chloe123 completely agree!! Runny fried egg all the way!!!!! xx
  • I'm obviously naughty all the time as I haven't avoided peanuts, prawns and even had the odd bit of parma ham and salami! Whoops!
  • I haven't avoided nuts either, a friend of mine is 34 weeks and craving salted peanuts. I believe she is polishing off a bag a day! image

    As long as no history of allergy it's fine.

    I could murder beef wellington wrapped in juicy pate cooked nice and rare!! with a fried runny egg, slice of brie and a very large glass of red wine,

    is that too much?:lol::lol::lol::lol:
  • thanks for all that tasty food ideas girls :\(
    now i WANT coke and peanut m&m image
    guess i'll have to go to the shop and induldge myself ;\) :lol:

  • I nice cold glass of Rosemount diamond chardonnay, with heaps of brie ! Ooh and runny boiled egg with marmite soldiers !!

    MrsW 33+1
  • I;d love a runny boiled egg with soldiers but I cant even eat bread at the moment or I end up with really bad indigestion.
    I;ll have to make up for it by eating more chocolate!!!!!
  • i'm missing the odd white wine spritza at the weekend and boiled eggs on sundays with toast, hubby winds me up with his runny egg ones and me eating hard boiled eggs just not the same nothing to dip my toasted soldier into.


  • I've still been eating runny eggs. I just make sure the white is cooked well. Its very delish!
  • im missing runny eggs and brie mainly. also madly missing peanut butter but cant have it as my hubby has a nut allergy. I have been eating prawns as normal and also salami/peperoni (when on a pizza). mmmmm xx
  • I'm craving cigarettes - don't shout I haven't had one!!

    Also was craving lager last week (I hate lager) and didn't have any so am being very good.
    Think I will treat myself to a glass of champers tomorrow though
  • are we not allowed bacon? ive eaten bacon all the way through! oh well ... im still pregnant so i guess thats a plus lol.
    i miss philadelphia! i love rice cakes with philadelphia so i've had to substitute the cheese for chocolate spread. surprisingly yummy actually!

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