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period-like cramps....

I'm getting period-like cramps, mainly at night or in the early hours of the morning. Nothing that requires painkillers, but uncomfortable. I've had them for more or less the past week, and I'm 27+1.

Is this any cause for concern?

Thanks x


  • Could it be stretching pains? I'm not as far as you but this is soemthing I've had all the way through on and off.


  • Hi!

    I am 27+3, I am getting something similar I think- dull period pains. I am seeing my midwife tomorrow for a routine check up I plan to ask her I'll let you know what she said. xx
  • I am 33 weeks and getting period type pains - only started in last few days. I believe it quite normal.
  • G/C from BIJan, it is probably stretching pains. As long as it's not sharp or really painful, it's ok. xx
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