bad back ache

hi, since monday ive had a really bad back image i walk qite a bit and yday was worse wen i was walkin is this normal to have back ache this early in pregnancy?

thanks bec x

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  • I had really bad lower back pains for the first month or two of pregnancy and then it went. Now it's come back but I think it's because of poor posture. I think it's a normal pregnancy symptom but it depends what sort of backache you have - maybe you have damaged it somehow.

  • well i do lift at work but not as much now since i found out i was preg
  • Hiya,

    Try getting a bump support band, i had one and it really helped, it distributes the weight of your bump evenly round your back so is less awkward on your spine. I got mine at toys r us for ??8.Well worth it.

  • thanx lou ill give that a go
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