Fetal heart monitors?

I really really want to get one, are they worth the money? I'd like to use it for reassurance but also I find it really relaxing, both times I've heard it now I've been quite happy to stay there all day and just listen :lol: Same when I had my 12 week scan I was just transfixed, I had to be asked to get off the bed


This one has good reviews but thought I'd check first.... any thoughts?


  • Thanks Katie! I've heard that about the summersounds one as well plus it has appalling reviews image Not sure if to get it off ebay or amazon not much difference in price when you look at P&P as well and needing the gel....

  • i have summer sounds one image and have never heard the heartbeat!! at this rate my oh will be hearing her heartbeat by putting his ear to my tummy b4 that thing works lol!! my mw also told me it was rubbish!! i dont need it now anyway as millie kicks all the time! but it would have been reasuring to hear the heartbeat b4 i felt movement.
    princess+millie 26+2
  • i have been advised against one of the doppler as it can cause stress when cant be found? is it easy to find? im nearly 11 weeks and cant wait to feel movement to be reassured xx
  • Well mine has been listened to twice now and found straightaway both times
  • I have the angelsounds one. Got it from ebay with gel. I have been using it since 11 weeks and have heard the heartbeat every time. It used to take ages to find but now im 19 weeks i find it almost straight away. It is definately not my pulse that i find cos it is a lot faster than my pulse. Can also hear kicks too, i didnt know you could do that until i heard it at the midwife appointment.
  • I have the angel sounds one and its fab.
    A tip though: You don't need the gel if it costs extra. I used all mine up and so tried bio oil as I had that in the house and it works the same! As does the cocoa butter I use for my stretchmarks now!
    Definitely has put my mind at rest on a lot of occasions.
    32+5. xx
  • Hi I have the infant summer one and its rubbish! Never once found the heartbeat on it. I have the angel sounds one too and its fantastic, always found a heartbeat on it but like other people have said body lotion works just as well as the gel. I used mine alot before I got proper movement but only use it when now if I havent felt bubs move all day.
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