TTC and late period

Sorry to pop over again, but my period was due yesterday and iv'e tested negative today. When did people get their positive result and how many of you were late? Thanks. Filo x


  • Hi filobabe!! I got my first positive result 2 days after i was due, with a tesco pregnancy test!!
    I used the clearblue, the one which can tell you if your pregnant 3 days before your due, actually on the day i was due and it was negative!!
    Do you have any symptoms filobabe?
    I didn't really other than heavy boobs, but i just 'felt pregnant' xxx
  • I tested 3 days after af was due but knew before i did it i was as i just felt different and had a weird butterfly sensation however i have heard of people testing up to 2 weeks after af was due and not getting a positve until then.

    I also used a clear blue and did both tests just to make sure.

    Good luck x x
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