Scan tomorrow and I'm scared!

Sorry just need to vent,it's my 12 week scan tomorrow at 9am,I'm terrified!

Just really scared something will be wrong. At my sons we were told that he was probably severely disabled and would require termination,after a weeks wait thank God it turned out he was fine. But now I'm dreading tomorrow and I should be excited! Hubby is getting annoyed with me saying I hope it's ok etc.

Ooh,it's nice to get my frustrations out!!

K 11+6 x


  • hi, i know exactly what you mean, before my last scan i had a panic attack and was crying of fear, i was so scared they would tell me that there is no heart beat or somethin awful like that( i am 6wk+4) it is a mothers dread and we wont stop untill baby is safly in our arms.
    my only advice is to try to keep a positive attitude and have faith, stress is not good for the baby.
    Good luck in ur scan and wish u all luck
  • HI hun - i know its easy said but dont try and picture too many bad things.
    Mine is next week and im worried too - its natural i think, but im also excited.
    Im sure everything will be fine.
    Looking forward to seeing the pic of your little bean tomorrow!!
    Take care xxx
  • It would be pointless for me to sit her and say "just relax, stay positive and everything will be fine" because i think most of us are feeling the same! I have my 12 week scan next week and i'm petrified too. Maybe just try and keep in mind that everything turned out fine for your son. Keep yourself busy for the day and do something to keep your spirits up. xxx

    Cat 11+5
  • Gate crashing from ttc.

    Try not to worry i'm sure everything will be fine. I remember having my first shock surprise scan to find i was 19 weeks, only then it occured to me of what may have happened in this time. He's 8 tomorrow. Keep your chin up image x
  • I can totally understand, despite having had a scan at 7 weeks and seeing heartbeat I had convinced myself my bean had died and dreaded the 12 week scan. Any how it all turned out fine and wen i went to the loo after the scan I just sat and cried with relief. But trust me the worrying will never fully go away, part and parcel of being a parent I think.
    Try to keep your chin up.

    MrsW 30 weeks today!
  • Awww im sure everything will be fine hun good luck


  • Thanks ladies.I think I'll just spend the rest of the day repeating "it's ok,it's ok" to myself! I would say I don't think I'll sleep tonight but with the way I feel right now,i could sleep for a week! x
  • Hi Spittingfairy - I am like you I am waiting to see my bean on the screen and wait to be told all is ok - it was at my 20 week scan that I found out my daughter had spina bifida and was brain dead it was terrible, I then went on to have a healthy daughter 8 years ago however until I see it I won't get too excited my hubby is really excited and this is his first (although he is a great step dad).. but I am sure that we will all be ok and its natural for us to feel like this as we all hope and pray that everything will be ok... good luck and can't wait to hear you good news story tomorrow xx
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