being stressed whilst pregnant

going through a bit of a rough patch at moment fine bt dont want any subconscious stress to affect the nearly 22 weeks...........want baby to be happy and stress free........any tips/anyone going through the same. preg mags and books dont really cover this topic:roll:


  • i'm afraid that pregnancy in itself is very stressful, and unfortunately theres not really much u can do to eleviate it. try not to let urself get too wound up, if u feel ur heart rate start to increase (like i do when angry lol) then just take deep slow breath, in thru ur nos out thru ur mouth. make sure u get a good 5 minute 'me time' break everytday, just give urself chance to relax and unwind. but please don't worry about worrying lol. unfortunately the only way for baby to be stress free is if ur stress free. i know this is of no help at all lol, but if ur stressing then there is nothing u can do about subconcious stress on the baby.


  • both my pregnancies have been very stressfull,both times losing a close relative and complications in both pregnancies,all i can say is try and stay as calm as possable,easier said then done,try deep breathing ect.. my son who is 19months is a very happy chappie so it cant have done anything to him so iam sure this time round it wont have affected my 2 little beans,hope it gets better for you


  • thanks, thats reassuring and siany u did help!!

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