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finally got my scan date through today, ill be 20 weeks cos its on 11th august , am excited but scared aswell, atleast i can find out what im having... yaaaay!!!
what actually happens in the scan and how long do they take ???


  • is this your first scan? i had one at 5+4 and it took about 10 minutes if that! but they were just checking it was there and in the right place. the anomoly scan will take longer as they are checking the baby out.
  • it should take about 15-20 mins.all of babys main organs-heart etc- will be checked.its head and abdomin will be will also be checked for any problems. the best bit if you want to know your babys sex you should be able to find out if you want-thats if baby wants you to see!! good luck and enjoy -its AMAZING!x:\)
  • my scan took a little over 5 mins. They check heart (valves) thigh bone measurement brain, kidneys, stomach, hands and feet, bladder, and then check your fluid, placenta.

    Enjoy, it's amazing!
  • My Scan took 8 and half days! But that's cos my darling son was facing the wrong way and despite jumping up and down like an idiot wouldn't turn round to let them finish anomaly check, so had to go back next week for second half hehe!
  • blooming heck 8 days!!! i hope mines not awquard like that!!! im dead exited but a bit scared too incase summats rong! cos im like that im always pessimistic so that if it turns out im wrong im not disappointed weras if i go in all smiles and summat is rong ill be mortified.... i just wanna no if bub is ok and whether its a girl or a boy!!!! no doubt itll be a boy cos i cant seem to agree on a name for a boy haha, so if any1 has suggestions... dont hesitate lol baring in mind im not 1 for common traditional names, i like unique! but not like rele weird!!

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