tips for uncomfortable tummy?

i am so annoyed!! i have been constipated (TMI sorry!) for nearly 3 days and i dont know what to do about it. cant wait til i see midwife, thats tomo, any ideas? im wuite healthy eater, have readybrek, specialk, fruit, water and an evening it my diet?? i do eat alot of apples.. never eaten this healthy in my life!!
any ideas for easing my pain??
xxholly 35 weeks

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  • Could try eating a banana or two and drink LOTS of water lots of roughage and fibre. its funny i'm the complete opposite to you image
  • lol!! i have a two litre bottle of water a day at least! i think its my craving as i have to have ice to crunch on too! and as for bananas..dont laff.. i kinda have a bit of a phobia...!!! wish i could eat them as they would be ace when i go on diet after baby comes! dont no if i would prefer being the opposite or not..hmm!!??
  • being the opposite has the pro of no pain just a few trips to the loo a day lol you do have to dash but hey worth it to know i'm not in pain with the one you have lol as for phobia of bananas probably a texture thing try having it in a fruit smoothy! you wont notice it! ice is bad for the tummy. remember the last time i had lots of ice it gave me really bad tummy pains and constipations kinda avoid them unless they're in a drink now.
  • Iv also been suffering from constipation. It affects up to 50% of us pregnant women. Senna and Fybogel are safe to use in pregnancy. Iv been using 1 Senna now and again to try to relieve this. Unfortunately, still developed the dreaded piles.
  • Dried Apricots... work a treat - I suffer terrible with constipation and the only thing that works is Dried Apricots.

    they are quite sweet so not as bad as eating prunes.

    Good luck xx
  • thanks for the replies! gonna go shop soon. its not just the texture its the smell of bananas...eugh! horrid! cant belive that about the ice! noo!! i better stop with that then...
  • Hi Holly,

    I've been suffering with this all the way through so far, I'm lucky if I manage to go more than once a week!!

    I would recommend stewed apples, bran flakes, raisins & lots of water xx
  • thank you xx
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