when does baby drop

Hi, today i noticed my bump was very very low down and have been getting twangy type kicks or punches in the bladder since last night. two people said ooh you look low today and my partner has even noticed. im only 26 weeks but at last scan baby was measuring a few weeks bigger for his dates. is this normal? xxxxxxxx


  • Someone told me my baby looked as if it had dropped the other day. I'm not worried though because my baby moves so much and my belly changes shape all the time. Some days my bump is big and some days it looks so small!

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  • Does 'drop' mean engage? Or does it just mean to turn head down? My baby turned head down early, I'm not sure when, but before your stage. I'm never sure if he engaged or not. I was told by one midwife it was at 35 weeks which is the average, then I was told this week that the head was not engaged at all, THEN I was told again that it was! Confusing. I wouldn't worry though. My bump has always been very low, and I get those painful low down movements too occasionally. But has not necessarily engaged and I'm 40+6. xxx


  • I wouldnt worry, with my daughter I carried really high up and it dropped about 36 weeks, and I still went 17 days over! With this one I'm carrying really low, lots of people have commented on it.
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