the IN laws!!! Grrr ***kinda an update****

***************************RANT WARNING*************************

why do the in laws not appreciate i am a hormonal mess??

So I'm now 3 days over due- not been out of the house in 2 weeks due to the weather and sdp so i'm a little bit P**sed off to say the least!

obviously i'm getting calls and texts asking me if i've had baby yet (like i wouldn't be announcing it from the roof tops if i had) I can understand getting these calls from me friends- but from family??? Of course i'll tell them straight away!!!

but whats sent me in a tizzy today is the in (out) laws. well my mil actually- she seems to think i can pick and choose when i give birth!!!! :roll: The last wk she tells me sha has booked a holiday for the 20th (the day i'll be induced if he doesn't come on his own) she asked if i could have him the wkend just gone or this wkend at the latest!!! image (yeah sure not a problem- let me get my diary out!!)

Now she asked me not to have him on valentines as pil is taking her out for a meal :x

Does she not realise i cant choose when he comes???? :roll:


omg these ppl get on my last nerve....... my pil is a plumber and fitted us a new boiler 4 months ago - its broken down twice now! so it broke down last night at about 8.30- it was already -2 outside. pil said he'll come fix it tomorrow night (friday) Now am i crazy selfish to think he should come fix it asap due to the fact i could go into labour at anytime (now 5 days over due) and i'll be wanting a bath to ease the pain, and also not be freezing my arse off!!!!

I also worry that i could in theory have a new born baby at home- and i'd have no heating or hot water, and my pil thinks that little of us he can't come out and fix it. I'm so upset about the matter (bloody hormones)

OH wanted to send me to my mums but i dont want to be without him when i could pop at anytime!!

i'm so :x and :cry:

(btw the old boiler worked fine it had only been in 2.5yrs- but pil didn't know how to maintain it or something thats why he got us a new one)

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  • Shes a muppet, baby will come when they're ready xx
  • Oh dear, i have no idea why people think its funny to come out with stuff like that! And in laws are the worst for such insensitive comments. Just ignore her hun, or next time she calls tell her if she says one more thing about you going in to labour, you'll purposely make sure she's the last person to get a call when the baby does arrive! That should shut her up! xxxxxxxxx
  • ....sorry hun but this made me laugh as it could easily be my out-laws too! ... mine have booked a hol for 4 days after baby due - even tho they go away every year, twice a year in the same month...not dates....just don't understand them...!! hang in there hun you never know they'll be away when LO arrives and you'll have a bit of peace at least! xxxx
  • If I were you, I'd be wishing the baby to come on 14 or 20 Feb just to bug them!!!

    Stupid people - surely as a mother herself she knows the baby will come out when its ready!!!

    ggggrrrrr fuckin in-laws!!!!

    (sorry can you tell I've had a skin-ful of them in the last hour too!!!)

  • Thanks for the replies ladies- i've chilled out a bit now.... thank god i was climbing the walls!!!

    I do wonder how my amazingly wonderful oh came from these 2 weirdos!!!
  • This made me laugh hun! My MIL wants me to give birth on the 19th April (that's her birthday). I'm sure she'll take it as a personal slilght if I dare defy her! image

    Although, she is such a scary lady, that I bet she does get her way! image
  • This made me laugh sooooo much coz I've had nothing but this for the past two or three weeks and it's driving me insane!!!

    I'm 8 days overdue now and going in on Friday to be induced but I've decided not to tell most ppl, coz all me and oh will get the whole wkend is phone calls/msgs asking us if she's here yet... everyone seems to think i'll be induced and she'll pop out an hour later (if only lol!)

    the MOST annoying message i get from people is "have you had the baby yet... we're so bored of waiting now, can't you hurry up??" I could actually kill the next person who says that to me!!!! :x

    just realised I turned this nto my own little rant.. sorry!

    41+1 (and no she isn't here yet lol!!)
  • :lol:
    my MIL told me she would be canceling her holiday to poland if I hadnt given birth by the time they were due to go (booked after we told them when i was due...duh!). As it was I went into labour and gave birth with a few hours to spare - so they persuaded - god knows how - the MWs to let them come in and stare at me within hours of giving birth, just so they could see Ollie before they went....

    this time around I didnt even want to tell them the date we booked in for, but OH decided he had to tell them. So now ive got the joy of telling them i dont want them there on the same day ive given birth, and probably not even the day after.
    In fact at the moment i'd be quite happy if i never saw them again! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can totally understand where you're coming from, and you have my sympathy. I've found my out laws have only gotten worse as ollie got older, and are ten times worse now im expecting no2.

  • Ohhh Linz i hate it when ppl tell me they're fed up of waiting for me to have the baby! Do they not realise how we as the mother to be feel! Grrr i could easily start ranting again... but i wont!

    Hope everything goes well for you on friday x x x
  • Do these woman know something we dont? If they know how to get a baby out on demand I want to know too! Stupid cows, they have obviously had babies themselves, how have they suddenly forgotton that they come when they are ready?
  • Do these woman know something we dont? If they know how to get a baby out on demand I want to know too! Stupid cows, they have obviously had babies themselves, how have they suddenly forgotton that they come when they are ready?
  • What a nightmare for you, mother-in-laws just don't think.
    If it makes you feel any better mine lives abroad and has recently announced that she will be coming to stay with us for SEVEN weeks when the baby is due, hubby is too soft to say no but I am not!!
  • 7 weeks??? omg!!! i think i'd have to move house and not tell her!
  • Oh dear this made me laugh. This reminded me of when i was pregnant. I dont get the whole 'have you not had that baby yet' thing!!!! I used to say yeah but i have left it at home today. I had my baby one day early but for weeks leading up to my due date i was being asked. Next time i think i will lie about my due date and make it 2 weeks after u am really due.

    Waterbaby i hope your baby does make an arrival very soon!!!!
  • he best come soon... just for my own sanity!!
  • I won't even go into my MIL but lets just say I KNOW WHAT U MEAN!!! Take no bloody notice of the witch!
  • Oh noo gem,
    what an absolute nightmare, againnn!
    Make sure you keep a hot water bottle to hand & just try to relax.
    Easier said than done.

  • i'm in a reet state today- cant stop bloody crying all because i've got no fricking heating- and we're not importnant enough for the pil to come fix it for 24 hours!!

    OH said he wouldn't even do it for paying customers!!! AM I WRONG TO THINK WE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN PAYING CUSTOMERS!!!!

    (i do hope this is rant over)

  • get a plumber in, sorry, its probably a silly expensive suggestion but sounds like you got in laws who like exercise some power issues and you are clearly suffering for it, nothing like showing your independence to piss parents off!
  • So sorry waterbaby that you have no heating. Just wanted to say that your father in law could actually be my dad. Admittedly I'm not overdue with no heating but I do have a water softener in my garage that he got for us in JUNE and has never bothered to come and plumb in, despite being asked several times. Suffice to say, when we had new bathrooms fitted we paid someone else to do it. Silly really as we would happily have paid him (and we told him so) but he just doesn't seem bothered.

    As they say, you can choose your friends but not your family!!!

    Hope your bubs makes an appearance soon and call a plumber! xxxxx
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