anyone on their third or more baby?

i ask because this is my second, and my first labour was 11 hours-ish and the midwife was able to tell me that this labour (my second) would be around 6 hours (providing it goes as smoothly as last time).

how could she possibly know this? has anyone been told an estimate and it was quite accurate? its just that im hanging on to her words about it!!;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png



  • i was told by my midwife not to hang around wen i went into labour for the second time as my first was only 5 hours long. She was right as my second son was born within 3 hours so im gona have to be real quick with this one. i think generally second labours are faster and easier but there are always exeptions so keep an open mind. Good luck!!
  • My second took longer but that was because she was facing upwards rather than down, but it is quite common for 2nd labours to be quicker.
  • I'm on my 4th but having section so not relevant. however I know soooo many stories of people giving birth on the doormat (my aunt with her 3rd), in the car etc, so don't hang around!
  • I was told at my nct class that second labours usually half the time of first. So fingers crossed. x
  • My cousin's wife had her baby in the bathroom. Woke up with contractions, went for a wee and then out came baby a little while later. Her hubby was on the phone to the ambulance at the time but it never got there in time for bump's arrival! It was her second baby.
  • I have just read a story in the march forum, wow what a birth I wont be hanging about either as this is third. My first was 27 hours after being induced, second was 7 hours but took me half hour to get from 4cm- fully dilated and ended up really quick. I want a homebirth anyway but second was 4 weeks early, and I wont be able to decide until I am 37 weeks! xxx

  • I'm on my 5th pregnancy!!! I was in labour with my 1st for 36 hours, my 2nd was 2 1/2 hours, 3rd 1 hour 25 min and my darling 4th who is still only 6 months old was 1 hour 10 min, luckily I had a home birth with my 4th and I shall with this one as I don't think I'd make it to the hospital which is a 20 min drive away!!!!!
  • Hi, I'm on my 3rd and last pg (she says).

    With my first labour was 21 approx hours and with my second labour was only 2 & 1/2 hours - so hope this last one will be like shelling peas!!! LOL - won't tempt fate might be the longest ! chelle x
    e.d.d 4th july
  • Hi my first was 7 1/2 hours established labour from my waters going til dd was born but the contractions and the whole thing was 49 hrs as she was back to back with me and the contractions were trying to turn her round, my second was 13 hrs established labour from my waters going to my ds being born he got stuck and i had to be prepared for emergency c-section but they managed to pull him out with forceps but all together it took 19 1/2 hours as again my son was back to back with me and the contraction were trying to turn him round, they say this one will be the same as its the way im shaped but i might have to have some help this time as my son was 10 lb and i just hope this one isnt bigger but i have to have a growth scan at 36 weeks to see.
    vikki xx
  • wow i love hearing all these stories, especially the ones where you have 2 hour labours!! dont think thats ll happen for me, but i feel a lot more positive now anyway! x

  • just a quick question...are second ones still likely to be shorter if u didn't have vaginal birth first time? Was in labour for 40 hours with first then ended with emergency c-section. Hoping for vaginal birth this time and also hoping it will be quicker and easier than last time. Does the whole second labours being quicker count if u never fully dilated the first time?
  • hi laura
    im an exception to the rule,my 1st was a 24 hour labour,my 2nd was a 24 hour labour ending with an emergency c section and my 3rd was a 36 hour labour,im dreading the labour on this one lol x
  • Hi Laura,
    my 1st was 24 hours but did manage to have vag delivery, 17yrs later I had 2nd and had a c-section. Generally if the gap is big you don't get the same benefits and Claudia I think the same is true with you as you had a section 1st time.
    I'm now preg again but don't know what options I'll have.
  • thanks everyone, the gap i have between first child and this baby is 3 years so hopefully that should be ok??
  • Hiya!!!

    This is my 3rd too!!! I have a son who is 15 in June, a son who is 7 in August and then this little boy who is due in June!

    1st was emergency section, 2nd was elective section so this one is also gonna be elective section!

    My gaps are soooooo big I am petrified I have forgotton what to do with one so weeeny!!! Im used to teenage attitudes and 2nd son answering back - forgotton about baby stuff! Sooooooo scared xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hello im on my 4th baby lol
    i thought it got easier my 1st labour was 9 hours 2nd was 7 hours and the 3rd child was 3 hours lol im due the 18th sept so im nearly 4 months
    anyway im looking about as im a newbie here good luck to all vonnie xxx
  • 1st was 17.5 hrs, 2nd was 9hrs, 3rd was 4hrs and 4th.....well, I pre-laboured at home for 8hrs and in hosp for 1 on gas n air - my waters went and I went from no dilation to 8cm in 45secs!!!!! Birthed 3 mins later lol

    I'm on baby no5 now and in a country where home births are extremely popular - just as well with my track record huh!!!!!
  • oh wow this is a good convo, its making me feel a lot better! my first was 16hr, my second was only 1 + half hr, seeing as there was such a difference in timings im a bit worried that this number 3 might be an inbetweeny, but you guys have given me hope that i might get lucky lol. i did have to be induced with both the others so at least i was in the right place when they did come! wonder if i will be able to do this one all on my own! fingers crossed! xx
  • hi, didn't realise they could guesstimate?

    I'm on my 3rd and last pg - DS1 took 21 hours and DS2 only took 2 and half yay~! Had epidural with DS1 didn't work down one side though and painful spasms - didn't have time for pain relief with DS2 - had tens though but couldn't feel it still on me at the end - hoping this one will be speedy too, fingers crossed and everyone! chelle
  • My first was just under 6 hours and ended up being born at home as she came too quick!! My second just under 3 hrs!! With my second I got to hosp an hr after I'd woken up and getting mild contrations, only to be told I was already 7cms!!! I'm not going to be hanging around with this one! lol! Or She might end up being born at home aswell, only just made it with my last daughter!! lol! I'm just very lucky to have had quick and straight forward births. x
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