What do you think of this pram

Hi Everyone,

Hope you and bumps are all well.

Would like your opinions on this pram, we were going to keep the one we had for our daughter, but hubby has decided he wants to get a new one. We still have a car seat and base so only need a pram.

What do you all think of these 2.



Kerry + pink bump


  • I think they're both nice, better range of colours on the ebay one, but depends what ur gonna b usin it 4 cos it looks really chunky and mite b difficult gettin it round the shops, on the other hand if ur gonna b doin loads of country walks then it looks like it'd be fantastic!
  • Looks good have seen a few ppl ask about this one i prefer the ebay one as it has more choice of colours and is cheaper, its not my sort of thing because it looks a bit bulky but i do like some of the colours on offer and would prob look again if i wasnt so set on a travel system good luck choosing tho Sophie 35+6 xx


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