loving the midwife

Hi girlies

on tuesday i went to see the community midwife at my doctors and she was lovely!
im 19weeks and this is my 1st, me and oh wanted to have a check up and she listened to the heartbeat and it was lovely hearing it.

So are the community midwives better than the ones at the hospital?

oh yeah is granvera back on the scene


  • our community midwifes are the ones at the hospital, I had the same ones from booking (at home) to birth (at the hospital, I like it that way, after labour it's nice to have a familllar face when family have gone home.
  • My community midwife is absolutely brilliant - I get on with her really well so was really worried that I wouldn't feel the same bout the midwives at the hospital.
    However, on Sunday I was in pain and went to the delivery suite and I found the midwives there to be friendly and nice as well!
    I hope this is the case when I go into hospital in June!
  • my community midwives are in my opinion rubbish, they are always rushing you in and out of the door and when you arnt seeing them thry tell you to ring there mobile, but they never anser it or it goes straight onto voicemail,
    they also make you feel like you are making a fuss over nothing.


  • hey oldermum69
    when is your due date? i am also due in june on the 24th!
    im really nervous but i just hope all the midwives are nice to me.
    Im glad most of you agree and have put my mind at ease they do an amazing job and are really nice....bless them
  • My due date is the 24th as well but am having a section probably on 17th June!
  • Ive got to say all the md's Ive meant have been great - shame about the doc I saw at the hospital yesterday - what a cow.
  • yeah docs are rubbish! the midwife was so nice i could have hugged her!
    not sure about the sonographers though
  • I had a scan when I was 6 wks pregnant and my sonographer happened to mention my ovaries were healthy! I jumped up and hugged her. She looked completely shocked (as most normal people would) so then had to explain that it was the anniversary of losing my mum to ovarian cancer! She just looked pleased went I left and I felt really stupid so as much as I love going for my scans I dread that it is going to be that sonographer lol
  • oldermum69, you will be having baby on my daughters birthday lol
    good luck all


  • oh granvera ive missed your wisdom so much please be the godmother of my child it would be such an honour to have someone as mature as you to feed, walk and water my dog opps i mean baby, yeah your right midwives are annoying why ask them when i can ask you, seeing as your such a fountain of knowledge!
    By the way you must be paying more attention at school as your grammar is getting ever so slighlty better, that special school is really showing you the way forward!
    Now keep licking those windows
  • granvera did your mother treat you like a dog cos you certainly sound like one. you must be a very angry sad individual. whats up did mummy and daddy not love you enough awwwwwww u poor poor thing. we on here actually love our chiildren more than anything and thyre not even born yet so how very jealous you must be. run along to your social worker and see if you can prise some attention from them cos to us you just sound pathetic, lonely and needy.
  • you go artygal
  • The midwives I've seen are so-so. Some are lovely, others are horrible! My mw is a nice enough person but hopeless at remembering things. She was convinced I'd had a previous pregnancy and I assured her I hadn't & she said 'You had an abortion'...I was like urrrrm no, I think I'd remember. Hopeless. Lol. xxx
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