No fluttering or movement - 19 W + 2


I haven't experienced any fluttering or popping that I keep hearing about. No sign of baby moving and so I'm getting a littlle anxious, especially as I'm 19 weeks now. Just wondering if anyone else didn't feel much until a little later?

I'm growing each week I think and have a scan on 27th March so a little reassuring but can't help but think about it constantlu.



  • hey hun is this your 1st preegnancy? i didnt feel my baby until i was 20 weeks in my 1st pregnancy so i dnt think its uncommon or maybe u have a nice chilled out baby in there!lol the 1st movements feel alot like wind and can be easily mistaken by alot of people until they are feeling more noticeable prods xxx
  • hey if this helps i know a woman who didnt think she could have children and went to docs with constipation and wen he felt her belly he felt baby kick, and she was 31 weeks and she had been thinking it was just wind! i know thats an extreme but u may well have had it but just mistaken it for something else, also depending on where he placenta is sometimes this blocks the kick, they will tell u at scan tho image xxxx
  • Hi hun I am also 19 weeks and 3 days and have hardly felt my baby. I must say I have felt more movemement this weekend but still very very faint and only when I am laying down.

    Its normal for some women to not feel them till a bit later my friend at work never felt her baby till 24 weeks,

    K xx
  • Hey sweetie, my friend is 29 weeks and she didn't feel a thing until 23-24 weeks. She's feeling loads now and her baby is measuring big! so don't worry at all. xx
  • Thanks girls - I'll try not to worry as it is my first pregnancy so it could take longer but I'm paying close attention to my tummy. I will hold on another week for the scan and keep positive.

  • Hey hun.

    Really don't worry - lots of women don't feel anything at your stage (my friend, who is a MW, didn't feel anything before 24 weeks, and she knew all the tricks to encourage LO to have a wriggle!)

    Do you know if you have an anterior or posterior placenta (it should say in the 12 week scan report in your notes) if it's anterior (at the front) then it is kind of forming a cushion in betwen you and bubba, so it is not suprising that you are not feeling anything! If this is the case, you will feel more movements round the sides, and/or very low down.

    Also, as others have said - the early movements feel very like wind, so it's easy to miss them in a first preg, especially if you are on the go a lot.

    Try having a cold fizzy drink, and then lying on your left side for about half an hour - it's also important to relax as much as possible (cos if there are "stress hormones" in your blood then the baby doesn't like it, and so goes to sleep).

    Another thing you can try is shining a torch on your bump - baby will turn away from the light, and you may feel a flutter.

    Hope these work for you, I am sure you will feel something soon, and it will be worth all the waiting.

    Good luck!
  • I didnt feel anything till 20+4 and even now at 25+3 I have days when shes really quiet. I have an anterior placenta which definately effects feeling movement depending on what position my baby is in. Dont worry hon its totally normal for you not to have felt anything yet xx
  • Hiya hun, nothing to worry about! I felt my youngest daughter at around 20 weeks but didn't begin to feel my second daughter till at least 23 weeks xXx
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