Pressure ontop of my cervix - only 18 weeks

I have been experiencing a feeling of pressure ontop of my vagina, especially when I stand up. This is my second pregnancy and never had it with my first.

I really hope its not a sign of an incompetent cervix - my mum had this and needed a stitch put in to stop me falling out and miscarrying when she was pregnant.

Does anyone else feel this pressure, it's not very nice feels like the baby might slip out!!

Seeing the midwife on Wednesday will tell her, but still worried something might happen between now and then!

Also, carrying baby really low down this time, which might make a difference to this condition???


  • hi i sometimes get this when i stand up (is it right at pubic inside it/at top of it?) i just put it down to standing up too fast, are you quite slim too? i am 21 weeks and have been feeling this way all though but i think it is quite normal andi havent been worried about it, but please let me know what mw says x

    hi, also just a thought, but im sure they would have been able to see somehting wrong at your 12 wk scan so try not to worry ...maybe as a little reassurance you could google incompetent cervix and see if it feels like this, but im sure if you had it you wouldnt feel anything as it is much higher up than there i assumed ? (if you imagine that you can have sex without your oh harming/touching the baby?)

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  • Yeah, I am slim - does that make a difference? Its such a weird feeling though. If you've had it so long without any problems I'm assuming it should be ok and normal.

    Also, I don't know whether this has anything to do with it, but over xmas and new year I had bad coughing fits and still getting over a sore throat which means i'm still coughing the odd time. But do you think all the coughing has contributed to the pressure and has pushed my uterus down further?

    I'll post what happens when i see mw on wed.
  • now you say that, i have had a cough for about 3 weeks now and hadnt connected the two, sometimes when i cough or move suddenly i get the pain (as well as when i stand up fast), i just assumed it was jerking a muscle or something, but please post what the mw says x i also noticed it happens more when i need the toilet (a pee) like first thig in morning so i thought maybe bladder just squashing baby parts x
  • Same as me - when I need the loo it gets even worse!!

  • i have mw on friday. i will ask too cause now im paranoid about it, but im sure its fine really, and im pretty sure i had it last time too..when i feel the baby move it is quite low down there alot of the time actually now i think of it, so i will ask too just incase.
  • I've been to the mw today. She was really nice and even let my little girl who's 2 play with her stethoscope!!

    Anyway - she examined me and said my uterus is in the normal position and that cervix is closed so baby won't slip out and not to worry about this.
    She also said the feeling I'm having could be caused by a possible urine infection, but as I described symptoms more she said it is not likely to be an infection and my urine test was ok.

    So make sure she feels that your uterus is in the right place. Even though the baby's kicks and movement feel low down to me is isn't really. I heard the baby's heart beating and that was all fine. I feel much better after discussing it - she also said quite a few people experience these symptoms and went on to carry to full term with no problems.

    Let me know how your appointment goes - fingers crossed all should be OK too!
  • hi thanks, id been checking to see if youd been yet.

    thats good youve had some reassurance.

    last night i had major pain, (during foreplay with oh sorry tmi!) in my stomach low down but the major pain was in the bottom of my back too, it was exactly like i was in labour, i just suddenly burst into tears, oh didnt know wha twas happneing. i am def gonna ask on friday cause its really worrying me especially now. He pointed out that he has seen me grabbing onto bottom of stomach when i stand up too, hadnt thought id done it so much x

    thanks for letting me know.
  • I often get pain like this in my back too. This can be related to SPD. I had it with my first pregnancy and now I've got it again with this one which is why I'm having a follow-up appointment with the mw soon to discuss treatment for it. Does it feel like a shooting pain or it quite dull, but still intense?

    It's not very nice I know, but if it is SPD then it poses no threat to you or your baby - it's just painful. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  • hi it was a really sharp pain that lasted for what seemed like ages but was prob no more than 5 minutes, it was very sharp, i couldnt move, but was all over one side of bottom bit of back,exactly like what i had in labour so very scary
    thats the only time ive had it in my back, otherwise id be phoning hospital.

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