Flu jab: are you having it or not?


During pregnancy, the NHS actively recommend women having the flu vaccine, as catching the flu can be very serious for people with lowered immune systems, and the vaccine can hopefully avoid potential complications. 

We wanted to ask you, if you’re pregnant (or while you were pregnant) will you be having the flu jab? 

Please do tell us by posting a reply to this thread. We’d love to hear from you. 




  • I am a nurse who works for the NHS and we get given our flu jab every year (if we want it). I had the flu once and it’s the worst experience ever. So I have had it since including during my pregnancies. 

  • Yep I had it early on this pregnancy and when I was pregnant last time. My immune system is pathetic when I’m pregnant! I catch everything! (Especially with a son in nursery!) so I’m glad I could avoid catching at least one other thing! 

  • I have it anyway with being Asthmatic.  I still had it with both of my pregnancies :-)

  • I had it before I caught pregnant but defo would have it after seeing a women critically Ill with flu in intensive care while pregnant..

  • I always get the flu jab due to being diabetic. This year however I was late arranging It and was already pregnant by the time my appointment came around. As pregnant women are also on the list of those who should get the jag I was doubly keen to get it done. The Dr‘s office called me on the day of my appointment and said they did not think I could have it as I was early in Tri 1 but weren’t 100% sure so the Dr was looking it up. My appointment had to be cancelled anyway as, even as it was ok, the nurse on that day refused to give it to pregnant women. That was all I needed to make my mind up I wasn’t getting it. They never actually got back to me but I haven’t chased it as I no longer wanted it. My midwife has since said you need to be over 12 weeks yet the ready, steady baby book indicates you can get it anytime. I am currently 10 weeks and super worried about this Australian flu. I had the swine flu years ago when that was going around. Not bothered about me, just the affect on my baby x

  • I got the flu jab when I went into the gp to say I was pregnant- I was only 5 weeks pregnant that was just last week. I work in a pharmacy and see the effects of flu on patients- not good!!

  • i had mine at 27 weeks pregnant and was little worried about the 'yucky' side effects people told me i'd have but i didnt have anything and i feel much happier now knowing i have it and that we're both protected :) 

  • That’s what I would’ve thought - that the risk of the flu is far worse than the risk of the vaccine. Opinion must vary between GP’s / NHS regions? X

  • Had mine at 12 weeks at the same time as my scan and I had no side effects other than a sore arm. I would always have it as I had flu at 10 weeks with my 1st and it was horrendous, I've never felt so ill and wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  • I have the flu jab every year due to being asthmatic and have had it done with my last 2 pregnancies. Although I have it done every year I seem to catch the flu/cold nevertheless.

  • Am i the only one who didn't have it then? Lol

    I didn't have it for a few reasons. Id never had it before as ive never had a need to, my hubby has it every year because he is asthmatic and every year without fail he ends up with a dose of what appears to be flu and i didnt like the idea of taking the risk of the same happening to me. Also i know its been proven safe but i didn't want to take on a bunch of chemicals while i was pregnant. Also didn't have whooping cough vaccine. 

    By the way, im not one of these mums that don't believe in vaccines, little one is fully up to date. 

  • The flu jab was mentioned in my previous pregnancies last year (I lost both quite early so didn’t get to the stage of having the jab).  I was thinking about the jab on offer and wasn’t sure if it was a good idea or not - whether it was risky putting this stuff in my body or if I would have a bad reaction to it.       I work in close contact with the public so had thought I should have it anyway.  After my last loss I was told not to conceive for 3 months by Doctors.  Near the end of the 3 months I had a letter come through to go for the flu jab so I decided I would because of my job but also because I was planning to conceive again ASAP.  I’m glad I did now, I fell pregnant on my first cycle back ttc and don’t have to worry about it.  

    I didn’t have any side effects to the jab.  

  • I’ve Not had it yet And then am 10 weeks. I think they will want to give me it after 12 weeks. I will decide then. X

  • *i am 10 weeks

  • I was told it increases your risk of miscarriage if you have it in tri 1? X

  • I've had it with all 3 of my pregnancies and not suffered any ill effects. Certainly wouldn't want to be catching full blown flu!

  • I never had it when pregnant and never have , I don’t get my children vaccinated with flu jabs either all other immunisations yes I do but not flu jab 

  • I haven't had it (I'm 19 weeks) and probably won't. It's formulated on the pre years strain of flu and, as Australian flu is the one to watch this year I don't think the current vaccine will protect against it. 

    I've also only actually had flu once about 8 years ago. 

  • I am a mum of 6 they are aged 9,8,7,5, 20 months and almost 5 months and with my 1st 2 the flu vaccine was never on offer but when it was offered with babies 3 and 4 I jumped at the chance as Im all for vaccinations that will help prevent illnesses a decision I hugely regret.  my older 2 have never suffered with flu but my 3rd and 4th have had the flu more often than the 2 who I wasn't vaccinated with needless to say babies 5 and 6 I didn't get the vaccine with and I don't allow any of them to have it in school either seems my children have a better immune system with out it. That is my own personal reason for not doing it. 

  • I’ve never had a single vaccination in my life and (touch wood) I have never been or caught a serious illness... I don’t plan on getting any vaccines, including the flu jab (which includes polysorblate and formaldahyde!!) and I likely won’t be vaccinting my baby either :) 

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