still not feeling baby yet?

i know am i am probably being a prima dona but lots of people seem to be having butterflies and feeling the baby move - nothing yet....what week did everyone start to feel it?

Karin 15 weeks today xx


  • Hi Karin
    Don't worry, everyone is different. I first felt baby at about 20 weeks for certain, thought possibly felt before this but not 100% sure. It all depends on your size/shape and where the baby is lying. AS you grow the baby will be more active, especially when you are trying to sleep!!
  • I wouldn't worry, i didn't start feeling my lo moving till about 20 weeks, just before my scan.
  • thanks ladies - feel much better now! x
  • I was 20+4 and had just got into bed when I felt a huge kick - never had butterflies or popping she went staight to kicking me. Dont worry my friend didnt feel anything till 22 weeks so at 15 weeks hon there really is no problem.
  • Ive been having the same worry!
    Im 22 + 4 and have only got flutters and popping and i want kicking!

    I started to get little "feelings" in the 15th week, but nothing definate untill about 18.
  • Not till about 16 and a half weeks hun


  • I didnt feel any fluttering or pops just light kicks at about 24 weeks, and they were irregular!

    Jennie 31+6 x
  • I'm having two hun and I didn't feel any flutters until 16 weeks, and kicks until 19 weeks. Now i'm getting beaten up!

    It's different for everyone so don't worry xx

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