Pink Discharge

Hi ladies i've just got a little problem and wondered if anyone has it or has had it

I've been wearing my little panty liners since i've had my trickling problem that i've mentioned bofore but today and yesterday i've noticed that theres pink there. It's not red just a very faint pink and theres not much at all but i just wondered if anyone else had this or if i should be worried.


  • it could just be hormonal hun, but i'd giv ur mw a ring, just in case!!! sorry i can't be anymore help, didn't wanna r&r!!! rachie xx
  • Hi Gem
    Im sure you've prob already phoned midwife, and i hope everything is ok! Im sure it is tho!

    Just noticed your ticker says its a boy! Congrats! See the predictor was right for you lol, when did u find out? u all excited?

    Sharon x

  • Hi..i had this when i was about 18 weeks pregnant. It settled down after a few days and i mentioned it to midwife when i saw her next.

    She said it was nothing to worry about but if it does turn red then call asap. Without being too graphic i had been constipated and straining too much i think.

    Now 33 weeks...but if you're unsure, give your MW a call xx

  • Hi Sharon no i haven't phoned the midwife. I'm going to view a hospital tonight so i'll ask the midwife there then. The lack of people with the same problem is starting to worry me.

    We found out it was a boy last wednesday it seems like ages ago though. We went for our scan and everything was fine and good and then the lady showed us his little winkle bless him. We're very excited and have named him Spencer already. I've already bought a few blue things xxx

  • i have had 3 episodes of this since 17 wks and im 28 wks now, i have low lying placenta but nothing else, as you had your 20 wk scan you obvioulsy dont but i would get it checked out , i am fine and baby fien but i do keep eye on it and it has never been strong or heavy.
  • Aww thats a gorg name hun!
    I feel ive bonded with Jaimi-Lee already knowing her sex and seeing her in 4d!

    Hope all is well, keep us updated xxx

  • Hey hun i've had this a couple of times throughout my pregnancy and both times it went of its own accord and it was nothing to worry about as baby is fine. Didn't find out what caused it but with mine i know my placenta isn't low and it was nothing to do with my back passage. I wouldn't be too worried about it but check with the midwife tonight just to be sure.

    Suzi 23+1 xxx
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