4 days over

Well, the title says it all really doesn't it!

I tried another aromatherapy bath last night and managed to convince hubby to do his duty :lol:, but I'm still here - DAMN IT!

The midwife is coming today to do another check-up and a sweep, so hopefully that will kick things off. God, I hope it works. I'm so uncomfortable. My hands and feet are really swollen all the time but at times it gets so much worse. Yesterday hubby said it looked like I'd got club-foot for gods sake. If I swell up anymore I'll have stretch marks on my feet! And I have this pain at the tops of my legs where they meet your lady bits which is making it difficult to walk. My waddle is quite something now!

Come on little one! Its time my love - you are cooked!



  • Hi,

    I'm the same as you, still no sign of the little madam arriving. I'm at the mw tomorrow for sweep and i'm going to cry if she won't induce me any earlier than the 11th, i've had constant backache all through pregnancy it's so bad now i was crying at 2am cause i couldnt sleep and poor hubby didnt know what to do. Take care xxx
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