FAO Sez31 and LMSunshine

Hi to you both - I have been following your progress on trying for a baby forum - am a lurker!! not a poster but I also found out I am pregnant on Saturday!! Seems we must all be around the same time - how far along are you both?? I too have a doctors appointment today! We would be great for us all to go through this together! I had a miscarriage last year and this is my first pregnancy since so am very nervous - every twinge has me terrified!:\?

Anyway I hope you are both well and enjoying being pregnant!! Hopefully talk to you soon!



  • hi lianne it wuld be great to go through this together not sure how far gone i am dont know how to work it out?
    this is my first pregnancy, sorry to hear about your miscarriage and i am manic enough about every twinge without going through what you have been through so you must be really nervous but just because it happened last time doesnt mean its gonna happen again hun
    i love being pregnant cant stop smiling
    let us know how you get on at docs hun

    sarah xxx
  • Thanks Sarah - am trying to be positive and this time its planned and have been doing all the right things - my positivr line on my HPT (one of 3 !!)was very dark this time compared to very light last so am hoping that means its a tougher one!

    Go onto bbc parenting website they have a calculator - you just put in the first day of your last period and your cycle length and it will give you a rough due date and tell you how pregnant you are!!

    I know what you mean about smiling! But I can't tell anybody why! So frustrating.

    Seeing docs mainly cos I am asthmatic and leaflet says consult a doctor immediately if you fall pregnant - am scared now!

    So glad to have someone to talk to!!

  • it is great to have support im here for you hun we will go through this together im at docs tonight at 510pm so will let you know how it goes im sure you asthma wont be a prob i worked with a girl who was preg with bad asthma she was fine so wouldnt worry too much im getting pains like period pains so im a bit worried hoping my doc will reaasure me tonight

  • Sorry Im gatecrashing!!! Vodkasis Im pregnant and have asthma and was told you have to keep taking inhalers and see the asthma clinic more as pregnancy can make it worse but you HAVE to keep taking medication. I can honestly say its not caused me a problem and my asthma hasn't got worse.
    Amy xxx
    P.S wishing you all happy and healthy pregnancys image
  • Im newly preg too! and want some same time buddies. I have seen sunshine and Sez on TTC and know we are around the same time.

    Sez - do you still have the cramps? My doc told me it wasn't preg related - more likely tummy bug.. im my uterus?!?!
    I know its not that. The pains are not so bad today but come back now and then.

    Vodasis - congrats! Im not sure I have come to terms with all this yet!! But my tummy is not giving me an option.

    any other symptoms girls? My DH said my boobs have grown (sorry TMI!) but Im not sure. I def feel swollen below my tummy button but I don't have any morning sickness yet..

    My name is Charlotte... so Hi Same time buddies!
  • Thanks for the advice on the asthma ladies - saw the doctor last night and she checked the drug I am taking and its fine - just gotta keep taking it! Booked my first midwife appointment for 30th November so should be 7 weeks by then fingers crossed! Still very nervous after last time and that 12 week scan cannot come soon enough!

    How did you get on at the doctors Sarah?
  • morning girls i wne t to docs lat night he didnt really say much just booking me in with midwife he examined my belly for eptopic pregnancy cus of pain he said pain cud be my uterus stretching
    im still getting pains they come and go and sometimes more painful then other times im abit worried about them but theres nothing i can do how are your pains charlotte?

    i dont have morning sickness yet but think its too early im right off tuna tho cant eat it and just more tired then normal
    i cant wait for my 12 week scan either then maybe i can relax it must be alot worse for you hun but we are here to support you along the horrible wait til scan

  • Hi all

    Sez - your appointment sounded like mine - although my doc didn;t check for eptopic - but I think they are gradually getting better. It does almost feel like stretching!

    I have been put forward for a 8 week scan - why do they differ? then an appointment at the midwife clinic on 20 Dec. I can't wait for the scan either,.. think that will make it finally really real if you know what i mean.

    Vodasis - I can't imagine what you went through last year but keep positive love..Im sure all our little bumps to be will go 40 weeks healthy and happy

    keep in touch

  • Hello ladies & same time buddies! Yes it will be great to have someone to share the experience with so lets stay in touch!

    I found out on Sat that I had a positive result and did due date thing on NHS direct giving me a due date of 18th July - everything in the world crossed that it will go OK.

    I have been so excited, but today more apprehensive, as I read that an early positve result may not mean that it has all reached the womb so could result in a late period and cos my cycle is all over the place I wonder if that has what has happend before but just didn't know - I am just want it so much - seeing the Dr tomorrow so can talk about my concerns and feel better hopefully. Sorry to talk about negative comments at such happy times just scary!!! Will the Dr confirm the pregnancy there and then or will I have to wait - keep wanting to do more tests to make sure!!!

    I too have strange tum, your right stretching would be a good description of the feeling- hopefully that is a positive sign.

    Great to hear all your happy stories. How did you guys tell your O/H? What did they say?

    Take Care all Jxx
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