1st Scan - HELP

I had my doctors appointment yesterday where she wrote me in the midwifes book and did a urine test to doulbe check the pregnancy.
Anyways she said that i would have my first antenaetal at 12 weeks with the midwife for blood test etc.. and that my first scan of the baby would be at 16 weeks image

I thought everyone had one at 12 weeks? I really would like one then as i'd like to know all is ok before telling my work and not sure i can hide it til 16 weeks.

Do you think there is anywhere in portsmouth or surrounding area that doe's private scans @ 12 weeks?

Thanks, Shez x

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  • Im in brighton and had a private scan at a place called cbabiessafescan in hove, the details will be online, that may be a bit far for you tho xx
  • Hi, that's strange - i come under Portsmouth too, and they sent me for a 12 week scan, then I had one at 20 weeks too. I recommend First View Imaging in Fareham - they're really friendly and thorough. I had my 12 week scan there (it's a private centre but Portsmouth NHS send people here for their 12 week scans), and I also paid for an additional 20 week scan, as the NHS 20 week scan was too quick. The images are lovely and clear. They charge ??50 for a scan. Here's the link:
    Enjoy seeing your lo! xx
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