How am I supposed to get any work done when....

the baby has just started kicking. Yay. It's been moving about for a few weeks and I though maybe I was feeling some small kicks.
But then about 5 mins ago I just felt 2 massive kicks to the inside of my tummy. Quickly put my hand on tummy and felt it clearly. So now I'm just sitting at my desk grinning like an idiot waiting for it to do it again. I'll never get any work done today.
I'm 21+6wks and can't wait for it to get stronger. Suz x


  • aww bless you hun, i'm glad you are feeling kicks now, my placenta is still at the front so they are cushioned but am still feeling it when it kicks low down. I can't wait until my whole belly starts to move with the baby, like it did with my son!

    Forget work and enjoy your baby! :lol:


  • It's lovely isn't it Suz, you wait til you see baby move from one side to the other! You do get used to it though and it becomes an automatic reaction to offer reassurance that you're there and can feel him/her and rub back and you'll not realise you are doing it. mmmmmmm gonna miss my bump in a few weeks! image

    Em x
  • Haha, I completly agree with you Suz, I work at a desk all day as a secretary and my collegues must think I'm nuts keep smiling all the time when my baby moves, it's such a nice feeling! Last night me and my partner saw a foot (or hand) kick right out twice, it was so so exciting!
    Hannah and Bump xxxxx
  • awww bless thats so sweet! I love the fact that the kicks have got so much stronger now, its lovely being able to feel them without thinking about it. Plus Abby and my husband can see and feel them now, its really helped Abby bond with the baby.
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