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Hi everyone,

Was in Asda yesterday and they had lots of babygros and vests, bath towels and other things like that for newborns quite cheaply, was just wondering if ne one had used any baby clothes from asda and what the quality etc was like? cos i don't wanna spend loads only clothes when baby will be growin so quickly


Lizzy xxx


  • Hiya

    Asda clothes are fab, i love them, qulaity is great for the price & they wash well enough. I'm going there myself tomorrow to get some more bits, i would definately reccomend them.

    happy shopping !
  • I love the Asda clothes, buy them for my 6 yr old and when find out what sex this one is am defo going there first
  • I buy them for myself and they're fine, but was just a bit worried bout baby's delicate skin, prob just me bein a bit paranoid! Thanks everyone! Can't wait to go an buy lots of stuff now! xxx
  • Hi there! there ace definatly try em, i got majority of baby clothes for my 2 girls. and still buying em now 4 them and their 5 and 2. They wash and iron great and look brilliant 2!
  • Hi there Debs i av ad sum of their clothes 2 especially vests and baby grows they r gud value same as asda and sainsburies!
  • I love asda!! In the asda living shop in walsall they have 3 walls of clothes for baby boys (I'm having a boy) really cute & cheap. And they have bibs 10 for ??3 or it might even have been ??1 which I will probably be getting as well. Sainsburys is also good for baby clothes, it's actually in mothercare where I find there stupidly overpriced for what they are. x
  • asda is great and so are tesco, my lo wardrobe is mainly tesco and the sales are great!
  • debs, I love those towels too! When my nephew was born I bought him lots of bits from asda and tesco's and they have some lovely stuff. I kept some things at my house for when he stayed over, like cot sheets which I got from wilkinsons and they washed really well.
  • 2 things from me really
    1) got given 2 t shirts from Asda when LO was born and of all tops they wash the best, still lovely and soft.
    2) Everyone says how quick they grow and they really really do! I've got bags of stuff to go in the loft and he's only 12 weeks. Don't buy more than you'll need just coz their cheap, but try them out and if you like them you can always get them in a bigger size to see you through....
  • I buy all of Millie's vests and sleepsuits from either ASDA or Tesco. Tesco's seem to fit her better (she has always been quite long and thin) but I think the ASDA ones are slightly better quality, thicker cotton. You can't go far wrong with either though. I love their baby clothes as well, they wash brilliantly can all be tumble dried and they are really good value.
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