BFP....I think? Convince me...

Hi everyone
Did a cheap ebay test this morning as I know I have done plenty of B'Ding with OH over the last four weeks.
I'm due AF in four days and felt really tired this morning with sensitive boobs!! The test was BFN, unconvinced I did a CB midstream test from the same early morning sample. After about 5mins I was convinced I could see the faintest line possible on a CB test. By now I'm getting excited....keep checking it every few mins and I am sure there is something. I pour the sample away but remember I have a CBD in my bedroom draws I POAS with the CBD and I get a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not that easily convinced as I only managed a dribble (tmi) on the CBD...............I jump in the car drive to Boots at the outlet shopping park ten mins away and buy a CBD double pack (daft I know...not exactly made of money but hey!) rush home POAS again and hey presto....BFP again!!!!!!!

So I think I must be in early stages.....still cant believe it though, do you think two CBD tests could be faulty from different packs? Or am I just being silly......
I might do the other one tomorrow just to check......

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  • would say thats a definite bfp hun. Congratulations!!
    Filo x
  • I also did a test before and i had to do more than one to convince myself. Then called the docs to ask if it could be true. and then called my mum and friend in south africa. Then my french friend. And 2 hours later i told my bf. Bless him. He is always last to know
  • Thanks Filobabe, appreciate that as I know you are trying really hard to get a BFP from reading your posts. You will be next!!!!
  • yes is def bfp! the cbd r very sensitive and they just tell u whether u are or u aren't so u don't have to keep wondering if u r or u aren't cos of a faint line. if u r still not convinced then try a normal pg test in a few days time after ur af is due u should get a much stronger line then. but i'd say u r def pg, goodluck hope u have a happy and healthy pregnancy keep us updated xx
  • I did a cheap ebay test and it came back with a very very very feint line. I then went and got a clear blue digital and it spelt the word pregnant. They are 99% accurate, so well done your pregnant.

    I tested 4 days before my period was due and it came back positive. I am now 6 weeks and 6 days.
  • your not silly at all when i did mine i was only 4weeks pregnant and i also used clear blue, i did 3 tests that night and they were all faint but there was a line and im now 20+3weeks pregnant!!
    so i hope it is a BFP let us know
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