28 week scan today!!!

i got my 28 week scan today at half 2!!! im well excited bet it has changed loads!

help me wish the time away till then!! xxx


  • Yay for another scan, I am so jealous of all you ladies that get them..

    Do you get more pictures each time you go too? x
  • hey how did ur scan go? im having a 4d 28week scan nxt weds i'll be 28 +3then cant wait!!!
  • yeah went really well. was a growth scan. it is measuring a few days ahead on head and tummy circumference but nothing to worry about but its legs are TWO weeks longer than they should be!!! lol well its daddy is 6ft6!! lol. but got another scan in 4 weeks to look agaiN! it weighs 3lb 5oz atm! xx
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