just to let everyone know.

hi ladys just to let you all know epu rung me today. and said even tho im 6weeks from my dates the earlist they see me is wenesday because iv pcos and may have oved late. anyway there seeing me as emergency and got get there at 8 but they might not be able to scan me s8 away as im emergency and everyone else got proper appointments so could be there till 12 grr how silly. im preparing myself for worst and if its good news il be over moon am trying stay positive. as most you know i had a drop of fresh blood and none after just bit old blood. still have bit old blood tiny bits and have terrible lower backach and cramping but then again iv had cramping for couple weeks now. me and my partner having been praying to god that we see our bean on wenesday. for time being im gonna relax. hope you ladys and bumps are well x x X. thanks for all your support x also dont know if its good sign but i took a first response today and its was strongest it can get alot strong then the test i took wenesday last week is that good sign.


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