Anyone BFP month after mc?

Hey. I had a natural mc (no intervention) at 5+5 on Jan 24th. I was sure I ov'd 2 weeks ago and have just got a BFP on 2 different tests!! I know that this is not reminent of last pg as I had blood tests that said HCG had dropped to 0 on Jan 27th.

Im so so excited but absolutely petrified as I havent had af. Although I knew it could happen I didnt seriously think it would.

Anyone here had a mc then concieved very soon after and gone on to have healthy pg? This was our first pg after trying for 6 months. Please somone put my mind at rest (as much as can be - dont think ill ever stop worrying!)

Gemma xxx


  • Hi Gemma,i mc'd in August and got my bfp 8 weeks later in October and am currently 21 weeks pregnant1 I do know that Butterfly123 mc'd and got her bfp a month later wothout having af,maybe give her an FAO? Good luck.xx
  • Hi hon. In 2007 I miscarried 3rd June and got my BFP on a test on the way back from honeymoon 2nd July! I now have a boisterous almost 1 year old racing around the front room as we speak! I knew as soon as I fell with Rhys that he'd be staying as well, not sure why but it just felt completely different from the month before when I went on to miscarry xx
    Carly 21+4 xxx
  • Thanks ladies. Its nice to hear stories from real people rather than reading statistics on the net! According to the net, going by date of mc, I am 4 + 2. Just hope this one sticks!
  • Congratulations, i am so pleased for you, what a lovely suprise after the MC. When are you due??

    7 +6 x
  • Oct 31st according to net calenders. Won't be migrating just yet. Im 4+2 so just want to wait until I get past where I was last time...then I might start thinking ahead. Was 5+5 last time so might pop across to Oct in 2 weeks or so. Thanks for the congrats xxx
  • hiya honey- firstly congratulations! i had the same thing happen to me last year, i had a mc at 6 weeks, never thought i would get pregnant again. 6 weeks later i got my BFP and now my beautiful baby girl is 5 weeks old! i didn't have an af in between either. i KNOW this will be a sticky one for you! good luck, congrats and lots of love xxxx
  • Thank you Rachel Waggy - That sounds just like me and gives me reasurance! Just hope ill be celebrating the birth of my baby in 2009!!!
  • I did too! I had mc late October at 8 weeks ish, and found out I was pg again in mid December. My little angel is now 17 months old!!
    Hope you have a healthy and happy 9 months!
  • Hi!!

    I got preg 3 weeks after MC!! But I didn't get my BFP until 7 weeks after MC & it was only very very faint!! I didn't have AF inbetween MC & BFP!!

    Congrats hun!!

    21+4 x
  • Hi

    I miscarried on 20th October, but got pregnant in November and I am 15 weeks now.

  • Thanx ladies. You have been very reasuring. Went to drs today as I passed out last night in MIL's kitchen! He told me not to worry and stress (yeah, right!) and to make my mw app for 8 weeks (they normally do it at 10 - 12 weeks but he didnt want me to wait and told me to get the soonest one I could. He was very reasuring and has sent me for blood tests. Was thinking about asking if they will do HCG (if he hasnt asked already) just to check things are going up how they should. I was only at 7 on the day I miscarried so must have lost baby quite early.

    Im so grateful at you all for replying and making me feel better. If it can happen for you lot im sure it can happen for me! Wish me luck! xxx
  • Good Luck Love x
  • hi hun i had mc bk jukly got peg in aug
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