anyone going to a bonfire tonight?

We are cant wait love it, big organised one close to us they have side shows and food stalls yummm most important bit for me at the mo lol x hope it doesnt rain like last night we got soaked trick or treating!!! we were all soggy witches and monsters when we got home x


  • hi were going to one , i cant wait to take jack there is a fair and food stalls and then fireworks which i hope jack likes , oohh im exited too x x
  • I will be going if baby still hasnt arrived (2days overdue). I'm really looking forward to it as me and hubby always take a flask of hot chocolate and i just love it xxx
  • nope but hopefully on wdnesday!
  • As an owner of 2 dogs, fireworks are the bain of our lives :evil: so no displays for us, I actually don't mind if I'm late as my date is the 6th and I'm really worried about us being away from the house next weekend
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