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I just wondered how you all arranged your antenatal classes and whether you would recommend them?
This is my first pregnancy so I probably could do with some help, but my midwife hasn't mentioned anything and I am not sure how I would enrol?
I looked at the NCT classes, has anyone tried these? I understand that they are supposed to be good but they just seem so expensive and they seem a bit 'inolved', as the course includes both evenings and one full day on a Saturday - is this the norm?




  • Hi
    I just had my free antenatal classes, it's a bit of a postcode lottery I'm afraid, some are great and some like mine was a bit more of a social thing, I only had 2 and my husband couldn't go to either, the first was a general chat about pain relief and positioning but we never actually go into any positions and then a bit on relaxation, then the second was really a class pushing you to try to breast feed and they had 2 mums there so we could fire questions. The NCT ones I hear are more involved and more structured and if you can afford to do it and your free ones are a bit like mine then may be worth a go. You usually have to book up quite far in advance.

    Speak to your midwife about the free ones she should have mentioned this to you at least, I had to call a number at 30 weeks. If you type in NCT in your local area on the internet your local NCT website should come up. Other than that sorry can't be more help. I'd just recommend you to read as much as you can also. I've learnt loads from here, mags and books.

    Good luck
    Em x
  • Hiya, I've heard the NCT classes are really good. There's only about 6 couples in a group but you have to pay for them. I contacted my NCT to book a course but they were booked up for people who were due in November!!

    I've been going to local midwife run ante natal classes at the hospital and they've been fine although there are about 90 people there every week!
  • Wen i went to the ante-natal class and tour in my area i thought it was absolute pants so i wnt be doing it agen this time round. However iv heard that some areas and private ones are really good, so gud luck with urs hope it goes well. Kerry xxx

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