Had hospital today..big bubba!

Hi mums and bumps
I had an appointment at the hospital today after going into premature labour a few weeks ago. Its all lookinh good, I havent had anymore contractions and after they did an internal they decided that I hadnt dialted anymore but was still 2cm dialated, but they dont seem over concerned about it.
What they were surprised about was the size of my baby! They measured me from pubic bone to top of uterus and it was coming up at 36 weeks so they decided to do an ultrasound and confirmed that baby is very very big! They said its about the size of a baby at 32 weeks, I'm only 27 weeks today!! I'm absolutely sure of my dates though so they havent changed my due date. I've got to go again when I'm 34 weeks for a growth scan and if its still measuring that far ahead then they will induce me at 37 weeks as I'm only 5ft 2 and have spd so its going to be difficult for me to deliver a 10lber or something!
Other than that everything else is great! Plenty of fluid around baby and my bp is fine. Hope everyone else is ok!


  • Wow thats big! I still dont get this measuring thing though. I measured 39cm at 40 weeks (always 1cm less than weeks) and still had 9lb baby. Good to know its all OK! xxx
  • Quite a few of us seem to be having big babies Ive noticed. But wow that is big-I wish I could have a growth scan so I could be told how big the baby actually is rather then just being told he's big. My bumps settled down now to be honest though-Im hoping it doesnt grow much more in the next two months as some of my maternity clothes wont take it if I get much bigger...although I know really I should be expecting a couple of growth spurts, since little one will just be putting on weight xxxx


  • I agree with tallkatie, you have an impressive bump for 27 weeks-it's fab! You must be feeling better knowing that labour has ceased and reassured that you are being looked after more closely. I'm only 5 feet 2 inches myself and I'm constantly being compared to my colleague who is about 7 inches taller than me and a month behind! Winds me up (but that isn't hard to do at the moment)! Look after yourself Honey xx
  • to be honest, I'm not overly impressed with my bump! I thought I was about right for 27 weeks but people have commented all the way through on my size, saying I'm huge etc but I thought that was just what they all say!
    I've been thinking though, if the baby is the size they would expect for 32 weeks doesnt that mean I AM 32 weeks? I was so sure of my dates because I fell pregnant the month I came off the pill, and I did a test before that which was negative because I didnt have a bleed in my 5 day break the previous month. Is it possible I fell pregnant on the pill? Its a 5 week difference which is quite alot I think. I have my 4d scan on saturday so they might get a better idea of size. 5 weeks just seems like a long way ahead.
    I'm 5ft 2 aswell so I think my bump looks bigger on me than it would on someone who is taller.
  • It is possible to get pregnant on the pill, but the chances are quite low, I think it would be one hell of a coincidence that you would fall pregnant on the pill a month before you decided to come off it and start trying for a baby.
    Maybe you are a bit further on then you think, or maybe your just having a big baby.....I know 5 weeks is quite a big gap-but I dont know....sorry Im not an expert or anything and I know Ive not really been any help
    4D scan should help you out a little xxxxx


  • Wow that sounds like one big sucker in there, My son was 9 and a half pound and I am 5'8", I found it a squeeze so I am sure they will induce you if they this its gonna be a big un!

    I agree with Tiger Lily though I dont get this measuring thing as I always measured fine for my dates with my son as midwife never had any worries about my size, she recond he'd be about 7-8lb ish!

    Take it as it comes maybe baby has had a growth spurt and it will calm down between now and next appointment?
  • Hi i measured big through out my last pg and had a scan ai 31 weeks and leo was 4 1/2 lb at that scan and they said oh hes not that big just about right but was still measuring 4 weeks bigger and they said you always carry bigger second time round etc etc and i was huge people though i was ready to go from 28 weeks and i went 6 days over with him and he was 10lb on the nose and it wasnt that badno more difficult than having my daughter and she was 8lb 9 1/2 but he got stuck and i knew he was so they delivered him by forceps which wasnt bad either, i am being monitored this time as im measuring im again and going of my other 2 they think babba could be 11lb plus so i to have a scan at 36 weeks for size. But glad everything ok.
    vikki xx
  • Is that really true then Vikki, that if your first are big then next ones are bigger? Thats it I'm shittin it now, first was 9 and a half pounds, think I will stick at 2 then!

    Joanna 32+3
  • Bloody hell my first was 8lb and she got stuck! I had to have the ventouse and then forceps with her as the ventouse fell off! I had to have an episostomy too and still had a 3rd degree tear and needed goodness knows how many stitches, so I dont know how they expect me to deliver a 10lber naturally!
    Thanks for the reassurance girls, 5 weeks just feels like a big gap but now I've slept on it I've realised even if they are right and baby is huge theres nothing anyone can actually do about it now, I'm just glad its all ok. Having my 4d scan tomorrow so excited!
  • I wish I had a bump like yours, i'm 24+3 and hardly have a bump but ow and tall so have to wait patiently! This is my first so can't comment personally but my mum wanted me to tell you her story (about me!) to show you measurements are rubbish (her words not mine!).

    The MWs all insisted that I was a big baby and mum had her dates wrong and they wanted to induce her and make me Christmas baby. My mum refused and went into labour 19th Jan for me to be born next day only just scraping 5lbs.

    She said the other bit of good news was she also lost all her weight giving birth and walked out same pre-pregnancy weight! Jammy Cow! So shows even though she measured big doesn't mean its right (ps she only had measurements not scans)
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