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Hiya Sugars!

We have spoken quite a bit about what baby 'needs' & actually I think were pretty much sorted (in actual fact we have had to give some stuff away from sheerly having to much!) :roll:

I was thinking about sweet little extras, that would just be nice, Ive got him a tiny new born giraffe thats so soft you just want to spend the day rubbing it off your face lol (or is that just me!?? :lol: ) and I have got a little glow worn that plays lullabys.. as well as mobiles to hang over the cot and a jungle mat for the floor..

But thats it.. I know he prob wont be that intrested at first.. I did read something about getting black and white toys because at what stage there eyes have developed they seem to be more drawn to them..

I was just wondering really, has any one else bought toy's so far? if so what? is there something i'm missing out on (maybe teething rings or can they wait?)

Also about what toys you will be advokating and which you wont be allowing.. for example will you genderise balls and cars for boys? dolly's and princess things for girls?

I know its a bit early to think about but I personally WONT be allowing any toy guns in the house, I don't agree with them and think there is enough of a choice with other toys..

I discussed this with OH and he said he had them when he was little so he didn't really see the harm.. but that was 25 years ago... and I feel the diffrence is when kids played with them in the 80's it was fantasy.. where as I live in the middle of London and it's scarey how readily avaiable they are around.. I don't want them to be 'normal'..

That's not me being overly protective ...I don't think.. just before I gave up work.. I was working with street kids in south London doing adventure youth work, we worked with alot of gangs & a lot of 'normal' kids and I for one was surprised at how engaraded they were into every day life!

So any toy gun's will be going in the BIN! the only I may allow are super soakers water guns because Its about chasing & fun and the aim is to wet someone rather than 'BANG BANG your dead' but still not that sure?

I don't have a problem with girls playing with cars or boys playing with Dolly's tho I think it's quite good for rounded development! image

what are everyone else thoughts on the matter?



  • I was only thinking the other day that I haven't bought any toys for this baby at all! Hope he likes the ones that Millie had lol. Since then I have bought an inflatable baby nest to put him in so that Millie can't run him over but thats about it. When they are newborn they won't want any toys at all, as they get a bit bigger soft rattles are nice for them to hold and I definately want to get some of the little socks with rattles on that I have seen. Didn't see them untill Millie was too big but I thought they were a great idea to help them find their feet.

    As far as gender specific toys go, he's going to have a pretty good selection of 'girls' toys to play with if he wants (assuming his sister will share!) and Millie is already showing distinct tendancies towards 'boys' toys!

    I'm still thinking about guns, I don't think that playing with toy guns occasionally does any harm but where do you draw the line? Personally kids playing cowboys and indians wouldn't bother me, but cops and robbers with guns would be a bit more worrying! I think things were different when we were growing up because there were more programs like the A-Team and The Dukes of Hazard, where there were lots of guns but no one actually got hurt!
    Kerry xx
  • yeah I remember boy's making 'pee-ow' noises when I was little for when they 'shot' somebody.. now a days I hear kids makinging that 'dush-dush-dush' sounds a bit like purring to replicate matchine guns!

    loving the idea of rattles on toes to 'find there feet' how sweet! where would you get them from?

    I'm thinking of painting a farming scence on once wall of the nursery (start not it'll take me ages lol) and putting small pieces of felcro on the wall.. then making little people, farm animals, tractors, ect that he can stick and remove on and off the wall for when he is a toddler.. like 3 ducks in the pond.. but i'd hide them in the scence and he'd have to find them and put them in? maybe I'm really liking the idea anyways lol it's just getting round to doing it..

    and I really would like to have a dressing up box with alsort of goodies... lol getting a head of myself here!

    back to soft rattles any other ideas or will that be enough? x
  • Love the idea of the farm scene, Milie would love that. As well as the rattles Millie had books more or less from birth, either soft ones, or board ones with bright pictures. Seems to have done the trick as she loves books now and I quite often find her sitting quietly 'reading' to herself!
    My brother bought the sock rattles for his little girl, I'm not sure where from but I think it might have been babies'r'us.
  • Hiya, Im from baby forum but just thought Id add my bit lol I got Holly lamaze rattles for her hands and feet, they were black and white striped with wee animals on them and she loved them. The other thing I got that she loved was called a winkle (got it from mother care) and also a whozit rattle. Worth a look xxx
  • There the ones!! I remember seeing the black and white stripes. Cheers Hollys Mummy
  • i work at a childrens centre and one of the groups we run is called 'baby play' its for new borns up to just toddling. Its really opened my eyes to toys suitable 4 babies, we have things like pringle cans (lids secured) filled with rice, clear plastic bottles filled with hair gel and glitter, lots of safe household objects that have been adapted. Its so cheap but the babies love it! Everything is new to a baby they want to explore it. The other thing we do in the group is 'messy play', eg, we cook spaghetti, add some food colouring and stir in a little olive oil (so it doesn't stick - all safe to baby) we put it in a large tub and mum will sit with baby ,maybe sit baby in it or put hands in it, its all about the baby having new experiences. Its a group i'll definately be taking my lo too. xx
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