has anyone flown early preg?

hi i will be about 12weeks pg when i go to cyprus has anyone else flown when pg? esp so early? xx


  • No, but I am flying on Monday at 16wks. As far as I know though it is absolutely fine and mw told me not to worry. S x
  • I flew when I was about 12wks and again at 14wks with no problems.
  • Hi I flew to Oz when i was 6wks and i was ok. I just made sure i had space to move my legs etc!

  • HI I flew to new york at 12 weeks and was fine image my only tip would be do the leg exercises and try to get extra leg room seats. My wonderful hubby got us the bulk head seats so we had more room. Also cyprus is just short haul so you should be fine try not to worry. xxx
  • Hiya, I flew at 28 weeks and was fine (only to Spain). I think you need to be more worried about staying in the sun too long. I had read that your skin changes when pregnant, but didn't realise how much. Normally I can sit in blistering sunshine and be fine (with no suncream - naughty I know) but over Easter in Spain I burned quite badly on my cheeks and neck and it wasn't even that hot. Just take strong sun cream with you. Have a lovely time x
  • Hi I was 6wks pregnant (didnt know it) flying back from America (I suppose I was only 4wks flying out lol). Just get up a lot and walk around and wear those atractive flight socks. While away try to drink loads and just watch what you eat so you dont get unwell.
  • thanks for the replies. lets hope all is still well in 8 weeks eh xx
  • I've had to fly a fair bit during my pg and my mw said it was fine. Only problems I've had were needing the loo more than normal which was annoying and also being sick on the plane with morning sickness which wasn't fun!


  • Hiya

    I flew to Spain last December when I was about 6 weeks. No probs except the minute the plane took off I started feeling queasy and the queasiness didn't stop until the start of last month!! Think it was a co-incidence it started on the plane though
  • Hi

    I flew short haul over easter at 17 weeks. Would just recommend you take a sick bag with you! I felt very nauseous during landing which I have never felt before on a plane. I think it was because I overheated so a bottle of water may be a good idea too.
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