high blood pressure 24wks preg- having to in to hosp!!

hi, i was at my 24 wks check up this morning and they have discovered i have high blood pressure, although everything else is fine.
i have to go to a different antenatal clinic tomorrow to get it rechecked. so im now off work til then. know its only 2 days but had just went back to work after 2wks off for easter hols!!

hoping everything will be fine and i will just enjoy trashy tv til then!

hope everyone else doing well ..


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  • At least it gives you an excuse to relax and put your feet up! seriously though, hope your bp is back to normal when you get it checked again. Do you teach by any chance? If so, returning back to work after the Easter hols is certainly enough to raise my bp!!
  • I hope that you have a few treats to hand! Enjoy putting your feet up!

    Denise xxx
  • hi no i dont teach im a classroom assistant in a class of 5/6 year olds!!

    thanks, i had a nap and going to do nothing til tomorrow, appointment 10.30am.

  • Hi Becs Hope you are feeling better. I have actually spent all morning in hospital with high blood pressure and protein in urine. I have not been right for past 3 days and have had the most intense headache.

    Anyway I got let out on conditions of bed rest as after the course of the morning my blood pressure had dropped to reasonable levels.

    All this at 25+4 weeks! They did think it was pre-eclampsia yet they did say it does not normally appear until around 28 weeks but as I am measuring 29/30 weeks it could have been.

    I will say get as much rest as possible, I am struggling my 2 girls both under 3 are being really naughty at the minute so I am going to stay at my mums for a few days to chill and my sisters can help with the kids.

    Take it easy.

    Laura xxx
  • hi laura, i think they are worried incase it developes into pre eclampsia but i am only 23+5wk , so again very early. will def have plenty of rest

    hopefully you will get the same, although you have your hands full!

    take care becsxx
  • hi all well went to antenatal clinic this morning and bp still very high so they are sending me into hosp for 24hr monitoring to see if it will go down or if i need to get tablets. everything else all ok and got another scan and saw baby bouncing around!!

    so hopefully will be out tomorrow, i have got a book, mags and choc with me to keep me entertained!!

    becsxx 23.6wks
  • hope all goes well and you feel better soon xxx
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