should i ring mw?

i really dont like wasting their time and always feel like i am if i phone them up for something as they always seem busy.
thing is i keep going dizzy and lightheaded and see stars in front of my eyes and then sometimes i cant see at all and i almost fall over. i havnt been able to leave the house in ages due to this along with spd. i saw a doctor on tues who said it was down to low blood pressure and that they cant do anything :evilimageas bloody always) so ive had this for ages but today it seems to be quite bad and i just dont feel 'right' in myself and splodge hasnt moved as much as usual, i mean ive felt movements but nowhere near as many as i usually do.
im so fed up i want it all over with now :\( would you phone midwife if you were me? :\?

Hannah 34+6 xxx


  • hi hun,

    i would ring them, for peace of mind. i know what you mean about them seeming busy - i rang mine earlier and they seemed busy and said they would get back to me (just about rearranging my next appointment). but if you aren't feeling well i would definitely phone them.

    hope you feel better soon xxxx
  • Yes i would phone them now. x
  • I'd ring as well hun, better to put your mind at rest and get checked. I was a bit dizzy and midwife checked urine for protein (which i had) so got sent to hosp to check me over. All was fine in the end tho

  • sounds like high blood pressure ring you mw so she can check you over for piece of mind if nothing else! they are there for your care and won't mind you ringing as its one of them symptoms you shouldn't ignor!!
  • Definately ring them hunny, i had this all over the weekend and felt the same as you about wasting their time, and ended up being admitted to hospital and put on blood pressure pills! That is what they are there for and they will be more than happy to see you, even if it is just to reassure you that everything is fine xxxxx
  • Deffo ring, they can be sign of pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure.

    Sure you will be fine, let us know xxxx
  • ring the mw, it doesn't sound good and don't take risks!! I hope its ok, good luck!
  • How are you now?? x
  • id ring and asked to be checked over at the hospital x

  • Definately call them. Have you sorted out appointment yet. Hope you are ok x
  • hey, sorry have only just got chance to log on. Thanks for all your replies, i phoned my midwife who then sent me to hospital to be monitored and after a few hours they were happy that everything is ok with splodge, i had protein in my wee so have to have that checked again on monday morning. so glad i phoned as it did put my mind at ease and all the midwives were lovely and said if i was ever worried again then just to go back as its no trouble!

    Hannah 35 weeks today image xxx
  • glad you're ok and that they were helpful, hope it resolves itself.
    Ames x
  • Glad you'r ok. best to get checked if you are worried. x
  • Thats really good news honey, glad all is well! xx
  • Glad your ok babe, doctors are soo not helpful sometimes eh. I am glad you and the little one are all good, take it easyimage

    K xx
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