Has anyone ordered from Two Left Feet?? - BE AWARE IF YOU DO

If you have how did you get on? I ordered a pram on 27th Feb and then received an email saying there would be a 3 week delay but i would be kept updated - fair enough. I emailed them a couple of days ago for an update but have had no reply. I have tried phoning them for the last half an hour and i cant get through to them at all. Im just starting to worry a little bit as they took the money when i ordered it, maybe im just being paranoid.

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  • I'm pretty sure that there was a thread about this a few weeks ago where someone warned everyone not to order from them. As far as I can remember, the things that were ordered didn't turn up. I'm pretty sure that they managed to get their money back though. Sorry I'm not more positive.

    Hope you get it all sorted

  • tbh i have heard bad things about them just keep trying them good luck xx
  • I can get through to the sales team but not the after sales team. Not looking good!!!! Oh no, if only the stupid search thing worked on here i could have looked for previous topics on them.
  • Did you pay by credit card MKT? If you did then at least you have some recourse with your credit card company. If you didn't I would write to Two Left Feet and say that time is of the essence with delivery and if you do not receive the pram within the next 14 days you expect a full refund.

    I hope you get your pram or money back

  • I paid by debit card.

    They have told me another week. Dont know what to do. I dont know if i will get the pram for the same price anywhere else.
  • OMG wish i had done some more extensive googling before i ordered them. A few pages in (they probably pay google so they arent on front page) there are pages and pages of people complaining about them.
  • oh god thats awful hun! thanks for letting us know though, i will stay away from them!! i do a lot of internet shopping as well at the mo. I ordered from perfectly happy babies in november and i recieved my stuff only 2 weeks ago!! am so glad i ordered so early! XXX


  • god thats awful! I was going to order my pram from them and a few other bits and bobs but wont now, thanks for the warning!
  • I paid by debit card.

    They have told me another week. Dont know what to do. I dont know if i will get the pram for the same price anywhere else.

    Goods should be delivered within a reasonable amount of time - what is reasonable depends upon certain things. However, if you stipulate that time is of the essence then they must deliver by that date. If they fail to deliver they are in breach of contract and you can ask for your money back.

    I would write to them and state time is of the essence and you have x days to deliver the pram. If they fail then ask for your money back.

    Good luck x
  • Hi, I ordered my pram from them and is was delivered exactly when promised. Maybe its just a really busy time? not that thats an excuse for bad service though.
  • I paid by debit card.

    They have told me another week. Dont know what to do. I dont know if i will get the pram for the same price anywhere else.

    If you are looking for a cheap pram, look on ebay coz you can get them for brand new and really cheap. I know thats prob stating the obvious lol, but thought I'd post it anyway lol xxxx
  • I think its actually illegal for them to charge your card before they have the goods available for dispatch.
  • We ordered a bugaboo package from two left feet because it was so much cheaper than anywhere else. Never read any reviews either so didn't know what to expect.

    They took the money straight away but it took over four weeks to arrive. They do warn you on the website that there is a "national shortage" of footmuffs so there may be a delay. But it still said 10-14 days delivery. Little bit misleading to say the least!

    I managed to speak to someone on two occasions but was on hold for at least half an hour both times before anyone answered. And the last call was comical because I was told they had just received a large delivery so they could check if our order was complete - the girl then put me on hold for another 20 minutes while she went off to the warehouse to check! So not a very hi-tech system they're operating then!

    We've got everything now and couldn't be happier. It's worth harrassing them to get your goods but it's not fair they make you wait. I didn't even get an email to say there was a delay. But for the savng we made it was all worthwhile.
  • Maybe i was a bit quick to say dont use them but do have a look at peoples reviews before making your mind up. The ones i read showed there are quite a few people who have had problems with them. Many people have received broken prams or have had to wait a long time for refunds. They have even been on watchdog!!!

    Im going to wait a week but if still no pram i want a refund. I have found another place that are doing the same one for the same price and its only 10 mins from where i live so if there are problems i know where to go!!!
  • hi,

    Whilst looking for baby products nline i haven noticed two left feet have some good offers, but all reviews i have read have given them 1 star and complained about either not delievery or very long wait for product to arrive. So i am avoiding them like the plague.

    Make sure you keep harassing them, dont wait days/weeks to contact them. You should get a refund as they shouldnt be able to take money but not produce product. Also if you email them make sure you print it out or print screen and save it. Also document what times you ring, who you speak to and what information was given. Just incase you need it at a later date. xxx
  • Not surprised you're warning people after your personal experience! The only thing I feel made it worthwhile was the price. Other than that I wouldn't recommend them either.

    And I agree with bumpety bump - keep phoning and get a refund if you're unhappy. If you can get the same pram for the same price locally then get your refund and get your pram from the other place!

    Good luck!
  • Hi

    We ordered out carry cot and footmuff for our quinny buzz 4 wheeler from them. First the website crashed as I got to the paying bit, got an email saying thank you for my order I would be invoiced shortly (hadn't even clicked buy!). Tried ringing and no one answered even tho on the website it said they were open. Hubby tried ringing all morning at work. He just hung on and got through in the afternoon. They said they were having trouble with the phones, he thought fair enough and paid for the carry cot and foot muff on his credit card. Got an e-mail saying thank you for payment. Got home from work the same night and they had left a message on our home phone that morning asking for us to ring them to pay for the stuff we had ordered (they rang here while hubby was trying to get through to them). A few days later I got another e-mail saying our things had been dispatched and I could track the parcel. It also said I would get an e-mail telling me the day and time slot we had been allocated. It was being delivered to my mum and dad's as we are both at work during the day. Well it was about 3 weeks in when it finally arrived. This was last week, my mum and dad had been at my house all day, went home, been in about half an hour when knock at the door. Parcel delivery! My carry cot and footmuff! So no e-mail telling me when it was coming, it just turned up! Also I had tried tracking the things with the tracking code they gave me and it kept telling me that no order had been placed with that code! On the day it turned up I had been trying to ring them to find out where it was and I couldn't get through. I put the phone down to hubby after being upset that all I got as an engaged tone from them to having my mum ring to say it had arrived! It was all fine, fittted the pram no probs. But I won't order from them again. I just felt that I was never going to get my carry cot! They also charged us as soon as they got the card details. If you pay on credit card you are covered incase things go wrong, that's what hubby kept telling me when I got upset about it. Hope you get your stuff soon.

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