anyone been induced with drip?

could you tell me what happens? and is it alot sorer faster than going into labour naturally? do you have to have an epidural if they do this?has anyone managed without one?

i know i still have 10 days and might not need this but just keeping myself informed!!;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png


  • Hi

    I was induced with pessaries (had two), then had my waters broke, then i was put onto the drip. The drip really speeds up the contractions and can make them quite painful, but i didnt have an epidural, just gas & air. If things arent happening they can keep increasing the drip (think they had to increase mine twice) My waters were broken at 12 midday, put onto a drip around 2-2.30pm and had my son at 5.11pm so it was quite quick actually.

  • Hi hun I was induced with 2 pessaries and then a drip as they didnt work. The contractions were quite close together and intense but I managed 13 hours without anything and then had gas and air for about 5 hours and then needed an epidural because they were very intense. I had a 47 hour labour with a drip and they increased it 3 times but nothing happened, I couldnt have cared less at that point though as I had had the epidural so was just dozing and reading magazines!
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