Hello All, Just introducing myself

Hello Again.

I am currently 18 + 5 with DCDA twins. I would love to chat to other ladies that are also expecting, particularly twins, this is my second proper pg after a few mc's and cant believe how different it is.


  • wow twins!!! sorry i have only the 1! i am 18 weeks on friday this is my first so don't know what to expect! have had no symptoms at all throughout!! so feeling good so far!! xx
  • Hi Sarah and welcome and congratulations!

    Haven't seen anyone else on pregnancy forum expecting twins must admit - maybe they all hang out in the special twins, triplets forum?

    Are you getting very big yet? Can't imagine double the kicking etc -must be sooo exciting!

  • Hi Sarah

    I'm Liz, 26, mum to Spencer who's 8 months old.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    Like Karen said, I think the multiple mums post in the twins & triplets forum.
  • Hello thank you to all of you I was really nervous that nobody would reply!
    I have had a look in the twins bit but all seems to be old postings. So might just carry hanging out here if you dont mind.

    And yes, I am getting massive already, somebody actually said to me the other day, ooo your big any day now is it, i just went really red and said NO and ran away.

    anyway speak to you soon

  • lol if it makes you feel any better love i'm only carrying one and got told the same thing the other day lol i'm 22 weeks and 5 days! haha! welcome and of course you are more than welcome to join us! its a lovely forum! x
  • Congrats & welcome Sarah!
    I'm 27+5 with just the one bambino (unless they didn't tell me something)!
    There's always plenty of chat/advice etc on here so never worry about making a post!
    Take care
    Sarah xx
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