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I've had my baby (14 Wks ago!!!) but i dont wanna leave the pregnancy forum. I love it...i love chatting to you all and it brings back memories.

Can i stay?????


  • hi hun im gatecrasher from ttc forum but had great idea ya could have another baby hehe lol congratulations on bubs
  • Hi ya :\)
    I'm new to babyexpert but everyone is really nice!

    You don't have to leave the pregnancy forum, maybe now you've been through it all you're in a good position to give other people the kind of support and advise you received on here?

    My baby is 5 months now and I remember every thing about my pregnancy! It's nice to be able to help other expectant mums who are going through what we went through!! :\)
  • stay dont leave im nearly at the finishing line but will be staying here even if im not welcome haha Sophie 40+1 xx

  • I feel like this as well -cos the ladies I've got to 'know' are not all due in the same month as me, so won't be on the 'my baby was born whenever' forum. Well, if you're staying - so am I!!!! (haven't actually given birth yet, but I'm thinking ahead!

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