Help im scared!!

Hi everyone im convinced im not that far from labour because of baby being engaged, really painful braxton hicks that stop me in my track an overwhelming heavy feeling in my pelvis (as if baby is gonna fall out) bad period pain like cramp in my back. The only thing is im totally crapping myself, im so scared of whats going to happen i have had a baby already and the labour was hell the worst pain of my life i wasnt scard at all the first time but i think its more this because i sort of know what to expect,
Does that sound silly?
When it actually came to the delivey last time i didnt feel a thing though as i had a spinal block ready for a c section (luckily only had ventouse) so im more worries this time because of feeling it i watched that Dawn gets a baby on BBC3 the other night and stupidly went on line to see some videos as interest got the better of me i really wish i hadnt i saw a very imdepth film of birth with an episiotomy and it has scared the life out of me even though ive had one last time but as i said didnt feel it or the stsitches after im soo scared how much it will hurt this time tho especially having a scar from last time still plz help reasure me if you can if not thanks for taking the time to read this at least ive had a good rant Sophie 31+5 xx Does anyone know how i feel?


  • aww hun, i duno wot to say to make you feel better as i havent had a baby before. i havent seen dawn gets a baby but have seen some birth videos but they didnt have a episitomy or tear and thats something that scares me. i want an epidural but was wondering what was so painful with your birth last time as you had one? xx
  • The main thing was tiredness i went into labour at 9pm on the wednesday had been up from 6am that morning making sure everything was ready for when i went in thursday morn to be induced i then didnt have my little one untill 8:50pm the thurs night, i laboured in my back more than anything and so found it far too painful to sit or lie down so spent the whole 24hrs stood up it took absolutely ages to dilate they tried to brake my waters and couldnt they gave me an induction drip to try an speed things up that didnt work either i didnt progress properly into second stage as her head wouldnt get past the bend of my pelvic bone at each contraction she came down but when the contraction finished she slid back up again it was awful i had 3 lots of pethidine 1 dia morphine an gas an air an none of it touched the pain it turned out she was lay back to back with me thats when they took me into theatre for the spinal block it was the best thing ever when it took effect i didnt feel another thing from then and she was born about 30 mins later weighing a small 5lb14 so wasnt even big so as u can imagine im sooo hoping i dont have the same experiance this time round xx

  • wow....hope this next birth goes better for you huni. im a bit concerned about my size, im only a size 8 with hardly any hips and am paniking i wont be able to get baby out!! i watch portland babies and baby tales on discovery home&health on sky and that helped me decide to have the epidural, just hope it goes to plan. hopefully this time theyl be able to act faster if you do have any difficulty and cause less pain and distress 4 u xxx
  • I hope so too i did ask for an epidural a few times but they were too busy all the time so as a bit of advise be prepared u might not get one straight away if its any consolation my friend had her little boy just 5 days after me her first baby she weighs nothing wet through is only about a size 8 herself her baba was 8lb 7 an the whole labour lasted 1hr 7mins from start to finish she had no time for any pain relief not even gas an air she said it was easy so u never no it depends on each individual her being small with a big baba u wud think it wud b harder than me being a size 18 with a small baba but it doesnt always work that way good luck xx

  • its going in capital letters at the top of my birth plan haha! its only because im rubbish with pain, i just want to curl up and go to sleep! i had a mc last sept which was really painfull and all's i did was get topped up with morphine, eat, sob and sleep lol. thats odd, my friend had a 4lb baby and that was a really painfull, long birth and she tore, yet my other friend whos the same build as her, had an 8lb baby with no pain relif and also said labour was fine! STRANGE
    either way its gotta come out so hope everything goes well for us all
  • There is that, thats all i thought of last time there is nothing i can do to change it just have to get on with it so didnt worry think im making up for it this time lol best of luck Sophie xx

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