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has anyone ever used a gym ball to help the baby get a move on?? i bought a cheap one yesterday as i got told that it helps to get the babys head to put pressure on the cervix, to open and dilate. and it also takes the wieght off my back. any1 else heard bout this??

gracie and bump 39 +5 xx


  • yeah ive heard this, it needs to be a large one though so that your hips remain higher than you knees. Ive also heard its good support if you kneel and lean on it when your contractions start, stretches your back out and eases the pain a bit. they should have one at the hospital when you get there too!
  • We went to an 'active birth' session at the hospital last week, & I had a try on one of the balls there - was quite impressed, & thinking of getting one to use at home. The midwife who was running the class recommended getting one, & there will also be some available at the hospital when in labour. Like someone else said, it needs to be a large one, but you can pick them up pretty cheap from Argos etc.
  • My hubby bought me one from Argos (bless him) after being told about them at parentcraft classes. I bounce on mine for about 5 - 10 minutes most days. Not sure if it helps bring on labour but my baby is now head down and 3/5 engaged (at my last appointment on Monday).

    Will try to lean on it too when my contractions start to see if it helps.


    39 wks
  • I borrowed one from the hospital with my first and it didnt bring on labour (I was induced at 17 days overdue!) but it was fantastic for during labour, I bounced on it through my contractions and it really helped.
  • i had one recommended to me to help with spd and its fab !! ??4 from asda!!
    i have also used it from about 30 weeks and lo is 3/5 engaged now

  • Hi ladies, just wanted to let you know that I spoke to my mw about this and its not reccommended that anyone with spd / pgp use a gym ball untill after 34 weeks as it actually forces the hips apart and can make the condition worse.
    Tammi xxx
    29.6 weeks
  • I've got the big (think it's 75cm) rbk one from argos for ??12.99. oh uses it as well coz he's got a bit of a dodgey back n it's better for him to stretch it out on the ball rather than the arm of the couch!!! lol;20750;42/st/20080421/dt/6/k/fc61/preg.png

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