not felt bubba since!

On thursday i had a flutter im just over 18 weeks but i have had nothing since!
Its making me quite paranoid especially with all this lily allen business cos im sure one of you guys said she was 18weeks pregnant?
i know this sounds silly but if something had happened to bubba would i bleed?

How regular should the bubble/flutter sensation last for? i do get some weird feelings in my belly but im sure thats just my uterus growing as they are twinges and like a stich sometimes.


  • this happened to me then at i think it was about 21 weeks the baby started to kick like mad so try not to worry.
    if ur really worried talk to ur midwife.
  • yeah i think i might book an appointment to see the community midwife next week i need peace of mind to be honest.
    but thanks for letting me know its normal maybe i wont feel bubba for a few more weeks!!
    cant imagine what i will be like when the baby is finally here, well paranoid haha
  • I felt flutters on and off for a while before it was regular. Depends on what way baby is facing and where your placenta is. Hopefully baby will get into a regular kicking habit soon.
  • hi this happened to me too, i phoned hospital and they told me to come in cause it only takes a minute for them to check heartbeat and saves you sitting worrying unnecessarily.
    also if this is you just starting to feel the movements, i thin that is pretty normal esp if its your first, you only fel a few wee movements every now and then at first til it gets stronger.
    i am 22wks and only now am i gettin gmore regular and stronger movements and this is my second.

    if you are really worried just phone hosp thats what they are there for x;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • im sure all is fine i felt my baby move at 14 weeks it was butterflys in my tummy feeling, but when you are out and about or cleaning or what ever you dont really feel the movments, it took another 4weeks before i felt baby moving around, before then i was like you felt nothing really.
    if you are concerned there is no harm in getting a appointment with doctor or midwife hun at least you will hear the heartbeat and feel abit better then xxxx

  • Hi Gempot and everyone, I am going through same thing - I am 19 weeks now and some days I feel quite a lot of movement then other days I feel nothing or can't be sure if its lo or not. I constantly worry about the baby when its quiet. I am considering buying a home doppler thingy so i can put my mind at ease at home when i feel worried xxx
  • gem my baby doesn't feel like flutters mine is cramping pain and it range from ANYWHERE around my ribs to my right hip image know its my baby coz i felt what i think was the side of the foot just slightly below ribs yesterday while shopping... it was a lump that was a bout an inch long by about a cm wide really wierd :S espec as i'm 18 weeks too
  • Wow Crochetmom, that is amazing and so early on too!! I had big lump on side of bump the other day - think it was bubas head or bum! I haven't had any flutters or butterflies at all just thudding about in there, few kicks and turning movements, sometimes quite painful!!!
  • tell me about it had to get oh to check i wasn't imagining it lol worst thing is i keep dreaming i'm having twins image
  • Hey,
    I was saying to someone else on here that my placenta is to the front so i've only really now felt movement & that's because the baby is getting bigger (i'm 29+5) so try not to worry yourself too much. My MW said if you don't feel well in yourself or you have any bleeding or anything like that then to give them a ring but try not to worry too much.
    Lauren xx
  • Its good to hear most people experience twinging and then nothing. I am only 16+3 but i think i have felt him move twice already on different days though (i know its early for the first as well).

    going to see m/w tomorrow so she can take more bloods, hopefully she will listen to heartbeat so i know he is still there.

    second scan on 12 Feb - cant wait.
  • Hi,
    I would ring and explain, you might find that the mw sends you to the hospital this afternoon to be monitored. I went four days without feeling anything about 2/3 weeks ago and I nearly went out of my mind. The joy of hearing the heartbeat put me at easy straight away.
    Please ring her and get checked - You will feel better
    p.s. let us know how you get on
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